Mike Poulos many scams

The oh so hard-working international businessman. Video is taken on June 12th 2021.

Here is a recent picture of the little thief Mike Pouls

None of Mike Poulos 20 scams since 1999 have never paid out, the only payment recieved is the up to 20 million us dollars Mike have had fun with the last 12 years. All the scanned document have only one purpose, and that is to proof that Mike Poulos has scammed people for minimum 12 years by using different names for the scams, but all the scams include words like "Priwacy and Secure" "Debitcard" and "online payment"

What TEAM - There is no Team

Who got the money?

Mike Poulos and his socalled team

Becky Poulos and Armani

Fam Poulos House and all his 4 lux cars - nooot.

The Robert Darnall letter

Mailpond promotion letter.

Golden Eagle.

Globaly Secure.

PT ImbicomĀ“s Compensation Plan


The Bum 16-05-2020.


Here you will find some more old emails send to me from Mike, and I have send them to potential clients. Now I have received these printed old docs, and scanned them so all can see that nothing has changed since 1999. 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8

The next batch of pictures looks like the above, the only change is the "company" name. 1  2  3  4  5  6

Helen de Gauthier

 The PLA and CA US and CA rest of the world

I can asure all that I will at anytime meet Mike Poulos in any courtroom, but he will never sue me because he will lose and he knows it. Mike Poulos threaten me in 2005 with a law suit, he did again April 1st 2011 and Im still wating not only for Mike to sue me but I also wait for Helen to do the same.

It will never happen because Mike will lose and there is no Helen!


Enjoy and best regards