Full Version: No Update
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So there was no update early feb ,we are now halfway through the month
This would mean he didnt travel which means an update at the end of the month which will probably say I may travel in march and will update you If I do,months and months go by with this stupid charade
Seriously Mike ....just END this,it is so far beyond a joke there is little to say anymore
Stop updating,close everything,you got away with it and just let everyone put this behind us
I go further....  and the E65 Endowment65 updates are now lower in writing style and more spaced in frequency, unbelievable from someone who supposedly is representing a multi-million corporation or business... Angry

For all those reasons and more , I have been very accurate in naming him SCAMMER MIKE POULOS, as there is no reason to think coverserly.

The so-called updates are plenty of contradictions, excuses, delays, etc.

No mention about the Exclusive Foundation members travelling to Hong Kong?
I expect Mike to announce another long break due to coronavirus convid 19 spreads like wildfire around the globe.

The best way to stop a scam is stop all communication with the scammer and stop sending money to Mike.

Whatever foundations Mike sold are useless. Nobody is going to invest via HK.

Mike is having good time with the ill-gotten money.
Another nothing update
he will be having his FIRST meeting next week,in other words expect the same old crap about more and more meetings
How many meetings do you need Mike,how many forms do you need to sign,that pen must have run out many times by now considering how many times you have had to sign for this thing.
Again Mike how are all these people contacting you,let us all know

Hi Guys,

So I will be having my first meeting next Friday over seas.

I will be gone just over a week and hope that I can get everyting done.

My flight and hotel are already booked and paid for there htere is no changes on this.

There is going to be a lot for me to do and all I ask of all of you is wiat till I come bank and I can give a update on the 2nd week of march.

Please do not flood me with questions this time.... I will not answer you and all this will do is give me more stress that I need right now.

If you do insist on questions and what not, I will make sure you are last in line for everything.

Chat with you all 2nd week in March.