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  More jokes from the comedian
Posted by: Bogor - 14-09-2018, 04:45 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - Replies (14)

Hi All,

On the update above I mentioned that I & F foundations are being set up and that no Exclusive foundations can be upgraded.

As I & F foundations are being made, there is a short time where if you WISH to have an exclusive foundation be setup, you have till the end of month to do, give or take a few days.


As I mentioned above, there are many advantages with these foundations. I con not get into details here but if you know someone with an Exclusive foundation, you may ask him /her about it.

At any rate, it is totally up to you if you wish to get one now or later,

Just know and understand that the options being offered to these members are only offered while they are in HK when they have the foundations set up for them with the banking etc....
Talk to your friends about this as I can not get into it here on this forum.


Exclusive Foundation (New Foundations Only Accepted)

Cost of these foundations are HKD$ 7,500.


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  Once again a bunch of nothing
Posted by: Bogor - 14-09-2018, 04:42 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - No Replies

Fun in blue  Big Grin

Still, you spend MORE money and still, you don't get any money what so ever.  Dodgy

Hi Everyone,

FYI, all Individual and Family foundations are being processed.

Please note that with each country, laws do differ and and all foundations are being created so that there are no issues with your local laws.

This has been and currently being a lot of work. It is not as simple as getting a bunch of papers stapled together.

The Exclusive foundations are also going to be processed right after all the Individual and Family foundations are done.

This is expected to be completed by end of October.
For Individual and Family (I &F )foundations, banking will also be set up.
All I & F Foundation members will have internet banking as mentioned before and One debit card per account. If you have ordered cards in the past, these cards will be added to your foundation.

You will not have direct access to the bank in person also as mentioned. You will not be able to create additional account or apply for additional debit cards or credit cards as the bank accounts are not in your name. The accounts are in the name of the foundation but you are in total control of transfering funds from the account and debit cards issued.

As of last week, you can no longer upgrade from an I & F foundation to an exclusive foundation.

For members that have ordered a New Exclusive foundation but did not upgrade, they still have either the I & F foundation, they you will be advised how to maximize both foundations to work for you in the best possible way.

From my side, all banking stuff I needed to do including foundations has been done.
As I have mentioned, I am not planning to travel this or next month but as I have info to share, I will post here.

Thank you


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  Mike the "man"
Posted by: Bogor - 12-09-2018, 04:57 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - No Replies

It seems like Mike also knows about this forum according to his last bull shit so-called update. For sure its the red wine talking and all brain function at level IQ 0,1.

Dear Mike I can tell you where the "updates" comes from! Its fucking Santa Claus with an address in Greenland, in a small town called Narsasuaq and phone number, is +299 3825 968 (try and write this number on your phone without 299). There is no way you ever will find out how I/we basically know all your whereabouts and doings, so keep on looking. Let me give you a hint - backdoors. Notice the S. ohhh and off course thanks you are welcome.

And now the funny never-ending story stuff, I really wonder what makes him continues as he knows that I know that money is spent long time ago, and finally it seems like Mike starts to understands that no way in hell any E-65 member ever will see a dime smuggled under the tax offices noses. It won't happen and therefore all his dark glasses and plastic nose bohong is more fun than serious.

I took the liberty to correct most of your spelling and grammar errors - these are marked with blue color. You are welcome. If you want I can proofread all your texts before you press "send".  Rolleyes Considering that you are the CEO for a multi-billion us dollar company, you should be able to afford a pro to type your bull shit  Cool

Anyhow here it comes.

Hi Everyone,

Just back from dinner celebrating my daughter's 2nd birthday. Was a great evening. Who do you think cares Mike? People just want their money you stole from them back in 1999 - 2010. No more no less!

OK, last week I went to HK and from what I can see, pretty much everything I needed done is done. Again who cares. Pay your debts. 

I can say that nothing will be coming this month or OCTOBER. I can not see the future past October for now so I am  not saying anything will or will no happen November... Wooow what an information! It really opens the eyes on all members, I mean its the same bull shit as you typed in 2003 and even before that. So not really news here, just a copy/past.

While it is fresh on my mind, I have had one or two complaining about Telegram that people do not like it and do not want to use it. This one or two people wants me to go back to the VSB site for updates. That will not happen.

If you have a downline or upline that wants the updates and do not have or want to use this platform, then please share the updates with them.

There are a lot of reasons I have chosen to do the update this way and it will stay this way....
One for the reasons I also chose Telegram is when I post an update, you get it right away. You DO NOT NEED to go everyday on the site to see if there is an update or not. So, if you are UNHAPPY with the way you are getting the updates, let me know and I will gladly block you from getting the updates.


Now, back to the update. ÆÆhhhh say what? Updates yeah right. A bunch of blabla with NO solid information what so ever. Just like the past 20 years. I wonder why you want to spend time typing all your lies? You know that I know (that is why we love each other so much hehehe).

As I said, I have what looks like my last trip to HK. I do not think that I have anything else to do until packages go out. Please DO NOT expect anything this or next month. Packages hmmm. Including what? And no it's not a secret, because all members will have to advise their local tax office either way. So only in your dark sick brain, it has to be a secret  Dodgy

There are a lot of exciting things coming for all of you. People want money and no more bull shit, dead over charged debit cards, or useless foundations.

As many of you know, members with the Exclusive foundations do have some advantages because of these foundation.

I know that many of you that have either Individual or family foundations  may be feeling left out. Please do not be.

There will be some opportunities for you investment wise... This info will be sent to you in your packages. What is wrong with you? Investments are the very same as the holder of the foundation is forced to take more money up from the pocket you already have emptied once - 6 times or more. YOU - my friend has to PAY members - NOT ask them to invest in something where you small fat greedy fingers are in control.

Most of the opportunities can not be offered to these foundations but there will be several that will excite you when you get your packages.

So here you tell us that the few poor souls who might have thrown more money after you, still really don't know what they have bought! Just great  Big Grin

Members with no foundations will not be able to get these offers as the offers are offered in a way that will need you to have some sort of asset protection. With out these protections, you would be over your head in regulations and taxes etc.....

Mikey IF E-65 members had asset protection - they didn't do business with you, so who is you are trying bluff here? Since 2005 your name is and has been all over the internet - NO ONE will ever do business with you! Just ask your old neighbor in Batam - just another guy who didn't believe a single word that came out from your mouth, and the part where you told him you had to back to JKT because of business issues - nope - he didn't buy that either.

The one thing I can say is tat these offers will involve gold. When I talk gold, I do not talk about paper gold. It is real, solid, physical 999.99 fine gold. And of course Santa will come flying in with tons of gold to all who have an executive foundation or something other rubbish. 

One more thing...I know that some of you, only a few are posting these updates on one forum or an other.

Just so that you know, when I find out who it is, you will be removed from the program and you will not be getting a package or anything else so please BE AWARE  that you are on NOTICE

With the way things are these days with politics, world order etc.... you not only put your self at risk losing what you have coming but also everyone else.

Fuck you are so funny. Do you really think that people don't read the real news? Stop watching Fox Fake News, read or watch some real news like the story regards the Panama papers, or the EU hunting all who are avoiding tax payments, or banks money laundering Russian money etc. There isn't a snowball chance in hell that any will get even a few dollars into any country without Mr. Tax knows, simply because you won't find banks anymore who will keep a secret.
If you are found out and you will be I will post not only your name and address here but also your phone number so that everyone can tell you what a GREAT person you are.....
Be Warned

Mike you are so stupid  Tongue lets say that someone did send the lies you send out every time you get a little red wine. A simple copy, and paste into Notes (MAC) or Notepad (PC) will remove all tags, however I dont need anyone to send me anything - and now you can think about that for an hour or two  Angel and if you dont "buy" the santa claus address, then use mine + phone number, its all over the net anyway.

That is it for now.

Once I have more I will be posting here again, and I will be correcting your errors and give real comments to your totally none saying so-called updates. Fun reading though. Big Grin

Thank you Your welcome



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  Latest from Cirkus Mike
Posted by: Bogor - 30-08-2018, 12:48 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - No Replies

I will alove myself to point out that I have copied the text, so all the spelling errors does not come from my hand  Tongue THe worse regards this socalled update, is that it MAY be true that wiffy is at the hospital, but can also be one of Mikes big fat lies.

Morning everyone.

Late week I was in HK. I had to come back due to the fact my wife was admitted to the hospital. A few days after she came out, she went back . Tomorrow she is going thru some tests and if everything is OK, I should go back to HK next week.

In the mean time, after this next trip, I am not expectin anything happening from my side for Sept & Oct.

This does not mean that everything is stopping. Just that I will not be needed.

Once there is more info, I will advise everyone.

Thank you


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  Forms on VSB Site
Posted by: scandoz - 27-08-2018, 08:30 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - Replies (3)

Mike stated in a recent update that all forms would be removed by Aug 17
Upon logging into updates the form links ( address change,buying foundations etc etc ) are still available throughout and can be actioned when opened

Go figure another non truth

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  And the latest
Posted by: scandoz - 19-08-2018, 05:49 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - Replies (1)

Hi Everyone, Off to HK tomorrow morning. Will be back later in the week and will update everyone when I get back.

FYI, just so everyone knows now, later next month I am taking a break with my wife and baby for a few weeks so Sept and Oct will not have much happen. This break will not be causing any delays but this is just to advise you...

More when  I get back later in the week.

If its Mikes last trip as stated per previous update,what does it matter if he takes a break ,and nothing will happen in Sep/ Oct,supposedly he would have nothing more to do
So many contradictions for so long
Just keep kicken that can down the road

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  Notice 76
Posted by: pablo8 - 10-08-2018, 01:03 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - Replies (1)

Virtualsafebox Article - 76
Aug 8, 2018
Hi Everyone,

I have been told to close every form on August 17th, 2018. From Aug 20th, I will be in HK taking care of my final duties.

From what I am told, this will be my last trip before processing.

If you have any thing you need to fill out on the forms, please make sure it is done before the 17th of August.

Note that this is +7 GMT time and will happen during the day time so in some parts of the world, it can be on the 16th.....

No exceptions will be made.

Thank you


For what its worth

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  New VSB Update 24 July
Posted by: CRAMER - 25-07-2018, 07:28 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - Replies (8)

There is a new update on the VSB site if anyone is interested.
There doesn't seem to be a lot of activity on this forum. Quite dull actually, At least the other forum had some chatter this one is as dead as a wet weekend. Huh

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  How many members are here?
Posted by: Meliodas - 19-07-2018, 02:27 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - Replies (10)

How many members are here ?

Just post your age and your country. So we can view a demographic.

no need for real name.

I will start.

My age is 47. Country of origin is Japan.

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  All comments in RED
Posted by: Bogor - 10-07-2018, 02:37 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - Replies (4)

Virtualsafebox Article - 74
July 7th Update
Many asking...
Hi All, 

Many are asking about the Exclusive Foundation and the advantages. 

There are a lot of advantages since the foundations are quite different than the Individual and Family foundations by the way they are being set up. Just one single small profe would be nice, so basicly its still just blabla!

Just to be clear, there is nothing wrong with the Individual and Family foundations. 

Most of what you can have with the Exclusive foundation I can not mention in public. Yes you can as any foundation must be reported to the tax officer in your country!

However, I can say the following: 

You will be getting a return ticket to Hong Kong and Hotel provided. Yes AFTER you send Mike money that covers your ticket and hotel, and in return you MIGHT get a worthless foundation!

You will have a loaded debit card with a certain balance that will be disclosed if you get the foundation. Note the last 5 words in this sentence "if you get the foundation.".

Funding for the travel and hotel will be taken from the debit card and the balance will be yours to take home. Cool

There are several investment opportunities available that can not be given without this extra layer of protection offered with these foundations. There is not extra layer of protection!! In Eu many of the countries paid for "the panama papers, "the luxemborg papers" and so on - there is not a snowball chance in hell that Mike will be able to pay out billions of dollars without any tax system will know about it. In these days the rumor goes that Vietnam Dong and Indonesia Rupia will explode in value, and off course Santa will deliver in a green dress!

I can say that some of these include Building / Property Management Investments, Several different investments in Gold one of which will be announced tonight to the Exclusive Foundation Members. Take a lookat the AFG Exclusive Foundation - no secrets there, property, gold, all kind of investments. But why do you wnat to invest? You get millions of dollars soooon  Big Grin

Total and full banking access direct with banks including unlimited bank accounts connected to the foundations, debit cards connected to these accounts, secured credit cards debited from the accounts and home country banking. By home country banking, this means that the bank in Hong Kong has branches in most countries so you will be able to deal direct in your home country with the bank in Hong Kong without having to go there in future. Not a word about those countries that dont have HSBC private banking tools - just saying.

You also have full internet and mobile banking with this bank.

You must remember if you make transactions at home, you are not as protected as if you are in Hong Kong and this IS NOT a way to avoid taxes. You cant avoid taxes and Mike is in fact trying to make you do some that is not legal at all!! So IF there were money and IF you were avoiding taxes, and the tax office found out - then you wont be able to say that Mike said so. You will face huge fines and maybe even a visit in prison.

This pretty well explain most of what you will be getting and I hope that this answers all the questions you will have.

For anyone getting these foundations, there will be a 30 to 60 day notice for travel.

Upon confirmation of your getting the foundation, you will receive an email from me to confirm receipt and will be placed on an email list regarding any update about these foundations and investment opportunities and there are more coming.

For members that are not getting these foundations, there will be investment opportunities but they will be limited.

For anyone wanting to get a Exclusive foundation, either a new one or upgrade from the one you currently have, please go to:

https://goo.gl/forms/mjUvUvKh68rfGz5P2 great Mike so damm secure to use a free tool that is lot more easy to hack than your computer. Data here isnt encryptes and every single letter in the GDPR is violated - just great Mike!

I am planning to get a call to go back to Hong Kong by the end of the month. Upon my return, all forms should be removed.

Any change of addresses can still be processed at:


Next update will be posted upon my retun.

Thank you


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