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Mike try to warn you
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Back to square ONE!!
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07-06-2019, 03:22 PM
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  Here we go again.....
Posted by: Bogor - 13-08-2019, 03:36 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (3)

Here we go again, lots of words but not ONE single proof!! At the end of this looooong and again non-saying blablabla our dear Mike post 3 links and none of these tells about problems in Hong Kong business-wise, and the reason is that business in Hong kong runs normally despite the protesters.

So why dont we see major banks run out of HK, simple logic, no one want to piss off China and start to complain, and that is why business runs just like last week, last month, last year etc.

The airport was closed for a few hours, not days so once again Mike tries to manipulate you to think its all because of HK. The truth is there are no funds to share.

Hi All,

Please remember that I am just the messenger..

HK is getting worst by the day.

Plans are being made to move out of HK.

A more detailed update will follow in the following days or a week or so but for now, this is what I can share.

All banking is going to change. All packages will also be changing due to the banking changes.

We will not be staying in HK and all funding will be moved out of HK.

This has been something that has been planed for a long time in case anything happened and now it has.

A new location is being worked on and will be announced when after everything has been settled and packages are going out.

For Ex Fdtn Members, I can not say at this time if there will be a travel set up or packages going to you with video calls at this time but they are working on getting your stuff done as they were prepared for HK.

Please understand that this is not a matter of only a few transfers being made to get out of HK and that this will take time.

I have no idea how long it will take but it will take the time that is needed so asking me how long, I will say as I say now, I have no idea.

All expections were that HK would settle down but it is not.

Yesterday the airport had canceled all flight going out of HK and then later one, incoming flights.

At one point in time I will be called upon to do some signing of docs to apporve the move as will the other 8 people that are needed. I have no idea how this or when it will be done but it is being worked on as fast as possible.

For now, I can only give you some links showing what is going on in HK.







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Thumbs Down an even thicker lie
Posted by: Bogor - 30-07-2019, 11:46 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (9)

Dear Mike 

A lot can be said about you, but you really love to put yourself up. Just like in the old days where you claimed to do lunches with the Suharto (former dictator in Indonesia) family, or when you claimed that CIA, FBI, and NSA were tailing you 24/7 and that you in fact feared for your life.

My dearest Mike Poulos - I'm sorry to break the news here. Try to do a Google on your own name. No one - not even in the most corrupted regime would do business with you!!

Business on the level you are TRYING to make people believe demands and first of all a perfect grammar, just in your lie below you will find minimum 5 typos. For that reason alone you would not even get past the first secretary, not to mention see the managing secretary.

When I did some high-level business with Susilo Bambang - or TRIED to do, I had to make sure the finance of the project was 100% perfect and in order, then at that point I wasn't able to have a personal meeting with the high-level bankers in BNI, and that project was a small one worth 2,2 billion us dollar. I was not "heavy" enough business-wise. A huge international company took over the project and "funny" enough huge international companies kinda work together - not with small individuals like me, who actually and opposite you, have educational records, financial records and is NOT mentioned all over the net as a thief, scammer, and whatnot as you are!

Personally, I do NOT for one second believe that you have been in HK for the last minimum of 18 months, as your so-called business plan doesn't require personal meetings and signatures. Even in Indonesia, we have an electronic signature solution and sure as hell also in HK - as I'm talking about the HSBC bank.

Mike Poulos, you are getting old and can't keep up with technologies anymore, which make your lies so pathetic.

For those few who still believe Mike will make them rich - I feel so sorry for them as the lies below are so thick that even the hardest Poulos believer should be able to see it. 

Have a great continuing summer  Cool


Still no news this week and the protests are still going on in HK.

Many say it is fine to go and a few members have been there but if it was just me, I would of likely gone but it is not just me.

Just to explain a little to you all, out of the 8 people that need to be there, plus me, there are heads of banks, Insdurance companies etc that are not easy to get to go to HK on a few days notice. These people are busy. Running a top 10 bank or insurance company is not like you and me....

They all need to be in HK at the same time. Yes, we are looking at options but we need to all be there at the same time.

We need to verify the accounts, the gold stored and that needs to be done on location.

Packages are just a drop in the bucket so to speak and they are ready but can not go out till everyone signed off.

Messaging me privatly will not speed things up. Not to mention that some days I get tons of messages to reply the same thing too each time.

I would appreaciate that you do not message me asking or suggesting options as these are being looked into and all it does is takes time from other things I need to do.

I know and understand that you all want closure soon, as do I and it will come but for now I can not say when.

In the mean time, when I get some news, I will let you all know.

Thank you


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Thumbs Down juuust another 1000% non saying blaaaaaaa
Posted by: Bogor - 19-07-2019, 05:15 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (8)


Although I have still not received my travel instructions for HK there has been some progress towards that.

As previously mentioned, there are 8 people who all need to gather in HK together to sign off on what we expect to be the final stage of the programme.

This cant be done in another city or country as much of the business needs to happen in specific banks and lawyers premises in HK.

The majority of those who need to travel to HK are senior people in banking / insurance and legal businesses in other countries and, by the nature of their businesses they are busy people.

While I am ready to travel as soon as required, this is not the case for several of the others.
They need some time to rearrange their business schedules and make several days available to complete this task. HK has to work with all of us to find a window that works for everyone. Its not just a matter of saying, "be here next Wednesday morning"!

The protest activity complicated the issue as some were not happy about exposing themselves to possible danger and some companies just don't send their senior people into risky situations.

Much of the heat seems to have gone from the current protests but it is still not over. There are plenty of issues to be dealt with as they (HK)  move to full integration with Beijing so protest on any issue could flair up at any time.

Not all is gloom and doom though. I am pretty sure that packages are ready, and providing all parties are happy with the arrangements for distribution and further processing, they can be sent.
Just when that will happen I cant say as I don't know.

I will know that sort of thing after my trip to HK and will share what I can at that time. As soon as I have a travel date I will share that with you and if possible will update you all from HK.

In the meantime, I understand your stress and can only suggest that you bear with me, I am doing what I can, I want this as much or more than you do.


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  Så træt jeg bliver....
Posted by: Bogor - 11-07-2019, 07:17 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (1)

More of the same none saying crap 

Hi All,

OK, I got notification that HK will arrange for my travel soon.

There is a group of people that needs to be there at the same time and they need to arrange it so that we are all there at the same time.

I have not been told how long this will take but it can be as fast as a few weeks to maybe a little longer.

Once I have more news I will share with you all.

In the mean time, sending me a text asking me how long I think it will take, I will not be able to give more details than I have here.



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Heart Few really cant understand simple english
Posted by: Bogor - 30-06-2019, 06:17 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - No Replies

Few in here believe it's okay to call me names, use sarcasm and what not.

The only person, members are allowed to call names is Mike Poulos!! I won't tolerate members calling each other names or other ugly use of any languages.

This means that I neither won't tolerate being called names, asked to go fuck myself or sarcastically called genius.

Now as I said a few believed that they were above these very simple rules, and for that reason, they got a fair warning, send to them privately. Unfortunately, they just continued and even they were warned about being banned - the went on.
now they are banned for 2 weeks.

If they feel they still can behave like that - then the next step is a permanent ban.

Now if it was up to me, and only me, then this forum was long gone (the same place as the money all sent to Mike) and I didn't have to spend time with something that should by now be clear as crystal - there is no money, no teams - just plain nothing. If you can't live with that very easy conclusion then start arguing - but with respect.

You call me names, I will find even worse names - but not in here, in private messages.

So debate, scream and shout but treat all with respect.


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Tongue Enjoy the hopeless latest bull shit
Posted by: Bogor - 28-06-2019, 06:57 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (6)

Ohhhh so dangerous to travel - just oneeeeee small issue - the rest of the world doesn't see the same dangerous situation as Mike, and we all know that the great businessman Mike Poulos,  who knows more than God himself, says Hong Kong is dangerous like Tunis then its the plain truth - or something Big Grin

Enjoy the hopeless latest bull shit from Mike below

Exercise normal precautions in Hong Kong. 
Read the Safety and Security section on the information page
If you decide to travel to Hong Kong:


Hi Al

Due to the activities in HK, I will not be going till these riots settle down.

Since I do need to sign off on several things including the sending of packages, travel arrangements for the Ex Members, this can not be done at this time.

There are other people that also need to sign off and they will not be in HK till the riots and politics are settled.

I have been ready for the past month to get there but nothing can be doen at this time.

If there is a window where all that needs to be there to sign off on these things, we will be going on a few days notice.

From what I was told last month, I have about one week of work in HK and I am looking forward to getting this done.

In the mean time, if there is anything that pops up, I will let you all know. I look forward to sending my next update from HK...

Wish I had better news but it is what it is and I am just the messenger so please do not rip me apart.

From what I understand, Western Media and Main stream media are not showing much about what is going on so please do your own searches regarding the current situation in HK.

In the mean time, here are a few links about the current situation in HK.



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Thumbs Down Mike try to warn you
Posted by: Bogor - 20-06-2019, 12:47 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (1)

Ohhhh Mikey is smart, now it's not Mike anymore but I or HK and us. seems like Mike trying to replace the responsibility. In fact I'm sure that this Singaporean company https://www.offshorecompanycorp.com/ is a hell lot more trustable than Mike ever has been.

It doesn't make sense that Mike try to warn you that a John from HK has called and then refer to a link from a Singaporean company with branches in EU, USA, Australia, Hong Kong. At least it is a legit real company!

Either way, unless you got a ton of money then Mike´s foundations are 200% worthless.

Hi All,

A short not to advise you that this is going around and I or HK has nothing to do with it.

+852 6610 8298
"I am John from HK office" "Do You need our company services?"


If you have received this, please know that it is not from us.

Any communications are at this time from me only via this channel or the Exec Members channel.

If you have received anything and have a dount, then best you ignor it or contact me or Jeff if you can not reach me.



Fast offshore company registration | Just From US$399 in 30 Mins
offshore company registration. Singapore Offshore Bank Account and worldwide, Accounting and Auditing service

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  New update
Posted by: scandoz - 13-06-2019, 11:14 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (11)

So here is the convenient new excuse,that there are riots in HK and Mike is to scared to travel,and it could take months for it to settle down
The travel agents are no good and cant be sorted,Geez give me 48 hours and ill have it done with the best deal available
Travel agents would be falling over themselves to get the business and many offer best price guarantees.How hard can it be
This really is an ongoing lesson in scamming and delusion for us all
Lets just say for a minute it all was true,it would still be beyond belief how they are stalling, delaying so as to suck more and more interest payments for the funds that would have been sitting there for many years.Theyd all be rich just from this

But of course lets not kid ourselves,its just Mike and his delusional world that we are all following

Ps,there does not seem to be many members who come here to this forum.I wonder Mike who are all these people who contact you


Hi All,
              I have not yet received any further updates from HK nor any further information regarding my pending trip there. The current protests are of quite some concern to HK residents, business and visitors.There is no telling when that issue will be resolved and things return to normal. In the past some riots and unrest have gone on for months!
In the meantime we will just have to hope that its over before I need to be there.

Of the many things there are to do while I am in HK I expect that one of the main tasks will be to shortlist the list of travel agents who are suitable to arrange the travel for the Exc Fdtn group.
I have mentioned previously that early enquiries within the travel sector showed that some agent were keen to load prices well above the norm so we will need to select a firm who are capable and realistic in their pricing.
It is a complex task coordinating international travel and accommodation for a group as large and diverse as this one.

Obviously I will be trying to obtain a travel date and an indicative date for the distribution of the packages. With all the changes to the contents of the packages it will be interesting to see how this part of the project now looks and how far advanced they are.
Hopefully decisions have been made about how the packages will be distributed and progress has been made towards being ready.


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Thumbs Down Back to square ONE!!
Posted by: Bogor - 08-06-2019, 09:27 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (1)

Am I the only one, who get flashbacks to the days where all wrongs in the world were due to the so-called TEAM fucking up?

Here we go again, it is not Mikes fault that blablablabla it is the TEAM in HK. 

Mike Poulos, you are so full of shit and the older you get the worse your bull shit gets, how about making peace with the few members left and come clean - admit you are a scammer who once did very well in stealing peoples money. Now you are just a weak pathetic old fart.

Here are the latest lies from Mike Poulos.

Hi All,

Since my previous update (May 25) there have been many questions raised regarding the content of that update and requesting clarification on various points.
I have explained before that my role is as a communication link between the HK team and the members. I do not have any direct role to play in the design or implementation of the payout process, other than to pass on what information and instructions are given to me by the team.

I have recently been advised that I will be needed in HK for approx a week, probably towards the end of this month. As yet I have not been told exactly when or what I will be doing but I expect it will be to finalize any details relating to the release of the packages and making sure members are provided with whatever information and instructions they need.
Hopefully I will be provided with information I can share relating to just when that release date might be.



Many asking if it was me posting the last update. It was.



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  Mike - try ....
Posted by: Bogor - 24-05-2019, 09:49 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (5)

Mike you should try sex with your wife instead of wasting the members, readers and my time, not to mention wasting your own time with all your BS. You really need to go back in your own so-called updates in order to form some kind of a red treat in all this madness. A liar is always known by not remembering what he told earlier, and Mikey - you lie so fast that an F1 car can't keep up with you and your stories.

Hi All,

So here is the update.

All banking papers, card, Cheques. Individual and Family Foundations that have been placed into packages will be removed.

Only docs that will go out are your confirmation of your being in the program and instructions as to do what is required of you to go forward.

What this means is that when you get your packages, you will need to sign papers follow the next steps and then send back to HK.

Once HK has received and processed, then the banking will be done.

Here the Bank will send you on an individual basis your banking papers by post or courier…. On this I do not know which way they are going to do this….

Banking will include any regular foundation documents you may have..

In this package, you will be getting, there will be docs again to send directly to the Bank, mainly Signature cards etc… You will need to submit a photo ID showing your signature so that they are matched. There may be a requirement for getting your signature notarised but I am not clear on that yet.

It will be one or the other.

Once the Bank gets your signature cards etc, then they will process any payouts you have according to your status, Card or Cheque and for foundations, banking info with cards and limited internet banking access.

Regarding people doing PoA

Anyone submitting a PoA for others will be processed like normal packages.

Be aware that anyone with an unexpected amount of PoA on others will be processed with more Due Diligence.

What this means is that say you have PoA on 5 (as example)  or more people and these people are not family members, they will want to verify your claims. This is to avoid any mis deeds.

There is no need to tell me what reason you have for having lots of PoA as it will not do any good telling me. I have nothing to do with this.

Starting next week, HK will need to redo the packages. This will take time and I have no idea who long. It is not only getting banking doc out etc but re-arranging the packages and redoing some banking and legal stuff that I have no idea about.

I have no idea how long it will be.

Once I know more, I will update.

Thank you and Happy Weekend to you all.


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