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  Im still alive and...
Posted by: Bogor - 16-11-2018, 07:38 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - No Replies

Some one said that after november 15. then all should have been paid otherwise Mike would be considered as a fraudster. Now I know he is a big time scammer and liar so nothing new there. Ratata or what ever Mikes invisible friend name is, have still not been around my house  Big Grin Next important date will be december 15. but guess what, it will the same posting  Tongue

But according to Mikey boy new so-called update then nothing will happen this year. BIIIIG Surprice - NOT!

Anyhow below the latest "news" from Mike, but let me stress out that if you dont have a ton of money then you really dont need a foundation, on the other hand Hong Kong is an exciting town  Angel 

"Hi Everyone, please be advised that the server is now closed and not more fixes or updates to your accounts will be made. The server will be offline  withing the next few days. The only communications will be made from here. 

There will be a new email address that I will send from here in the next few days that will only be monitored once or twice a week just to reply to questions you make have.

Emails asking to update or fix, or change will not be replied too.

For the past few months, there have been many people coming back asking this or that and these have been foxed or done. We need to move forward.....

In the next few days, all other google forms will be offline as well. There are a few that have Ex Fdtn that are still in process and they will also be taken dione in the next few days. Anyone sending confirmation for the Fdtn after forms are offline iwll not be processed and a refund less fees will be provided at a later date. If you have not compleated your Fdtn, please do so without delay.

Normally I would send a seperate text to Ex Fdtm Members but I do not see the need to do so tonight.

I am looking at my next travel before the end of the month to HK. 

I am also looking at the Ex Fdtn Members to travel 1st too 3rd week of Jan 2019 to HK. There will be 3 trips, 30, 45 qnd 60 day advance notice for all of you coming to HK.

Anyone not coming to HK from this group will NOT get the card mentioned before..... 

Video chats with the agents in HK will be available for Ex Fdtn Members.

Anyone coming to HK will be in a life time surprise....

This is beyond what I have already shared.

All for now.


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  Another update
Posted by: scandoz - 15-11-2018, 04:47 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - No Replies

Another update

Seems like if you dont have an Exclusive foundation,you dont matter
Oh well one more chance to buy one soon as they are so damn incredible and youll be missing out

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  I have sent Mike to....
Posted by: Bogor - 31-10-2018, 08:54 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - No Replies

Many of us know that when the kids don't behave, they don't get candy, will be grounded and sent to bed early. Mike was the smartest he said, and he did pity me and so on, but now he can sit and play with his VPN toy and wonder why he only can read and not post.

I don't mind that people call me names, after all, I do open my mouth from time to time and call others for names but I don't call people thieves unless I am sure that I won't end up in a lawsuit and risk paying a ton of money for slander. I don't thread people or their families with words like "your family will feel what's coming.."

Mike has for some years ago threaten to stab me down with a knife as he was pretty sure that he knew where my apartment in Jakarta was located. I wasn't afraid at all, for many reasons and maybe mostly because I never had had an apartment in Jakarta, and at the time I was in Denmark. However, my concern was what if there were a white guy living in an apartment and got killed because some believed it was I? I reported it to the Danish police who send the report to Holland who sends it to Jakarta. I am sure nothing happened but the lesson is I don't accept threats what so ever on any life. I have promised Mike a black eye - it's not a threat - its a promise and it won't kill him.

Anyone can type basically whatever they want, but don't say that I stole the E65 money, first of all, Mike took in the most of the money between 2005 and 2011 a time frame where I wasn't with Mike as I left him mid-2004 and he ran out of Jakarta as money was low, so low that he couldn't pay my salary, and the months before the break up, I had to accept a 50% cut in my salary. I'm not blaming Mike here as it was me who was stupid not to have made a solid contract with P.T. Imbicom as the firm was named. But what the heck, I trusted Mike, just like so many others did before me.

Regards Mike´s post - his last one - says "And yes, me and my friend have JUST returned to Europe from Denmark again. Zapata is STILL in Denmark, doing what he does best as the WORLD'S best."

First of all, when you lie, do make sure you have the facts straight. When you make a post here, the IP address is logged. So you can see from where the post comes from, however, if you do like Mike did, and hide behind a VPN, then you can cheat the forum and it seems like you are coming from another place.

The few days Mike have posted his stupidities he has been in India, USA, Holland, France, UK, and Sweden, but not one single IP address from Denmark. Above the text very clearly says he returned from Europe from Denmark, in other words, he left Denmark and now he is in Europe. As I said not one single IP from Denmark and another little thing, Denmark is placed in tatatatataaaaha you guessed correct - in Europe.

And Zapata he is still here - In Denmark doing what he does best. I guess the best Zapata do is sucking his fingers equally long.

Now 2 weeks to mid-November or 6 weeks to mid-December and 7 weeks to my best holiday wishes to all  Angel

bedtime is coming up so sweet dreams to all.

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Posted by: Hello! - 30-10-2018, 01:05 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - Replies (1)

Dear friends,

Yep, it's me AGAIN ... Mike as always.   Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Take note: He is a self-confessed scammer and stealer of the money of E65 members, yet the barbarian now pretends to be an angel and wants everybody to believe HIM of all people?

Can anyone be more moronic?

See this barbarian for whom he is people ... A SELF-CONFESSED SCAMMER AND STEALER OF YOUR MONEY!
The FACT of the matter is he was an unemployed nincompoop when I took pity on him and employed him in an extremely junior job, but he was also fired in no time when his under-performance and criminal activities came to light.

His technical incompetence and moronity are clearly shown up EVERY time he bans me ... just for me to easily defeat his best efforts and pop up again when I'm not traveling. A truly useless fucker.

And yes, me and my friend have JUST returned to Europe from Denmark again. Zapata is STILL in Denmark, doing what he does best as the WORLD'S best.

Time is running out for you scammer. There is now just a month and a half left.

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  YesItsMe again
Posted by: Bogor - 29-10-2018, 05:10 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - No Replies

Playing behind a VPN isn't the same as you cant be found. Just saying, furthermore placing a post in this forum shows IP, Username and TIME!

and funny enough there are no "IWillcomeafteryouandyourfamilypaytheprice" emails - when its nighttime in Bogor  Angel

But of course it isn't Mike playing like an idiot, it the tooth fairy and all will be rich in tops 14 days  Big Grin

As much as I do miss spending time with Mike, then he is just a plain idiot  Cool

I will guess that some few hours and we will see another hilarious email from the tooth fairy. 

But it will be deleted again, and again, and again, all I have to do is push ONE button, then vupti, post deleted, user, email and IP banned. One button!  Big Grin

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  so all is rich on november 12th
Posted by: Bogor - 29-10-2018, 04:14 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - Replies (1)

Hi All, 

by Nov 12th, all will be closed for good. No more extentions.

Data base is closed and no more checking is available from today and onwards.

We need to go forward and even that there is always a few changes coming in each and every day, we need to put a stop to it or we will never go forward so from today on, please do not ask for checking this or that etc...

I will be going to HK again by the week of the 12th and that will be my final trip.

No more Change of address, no more foundations etc.... and so on after the 12th of Nov.

I am sending these messages one by one, it isnot normal, I know but I am putting all my thoughts together on this to make sure I do not miss anything so please forgive me for the mutily text

Yesterday I sent a text to you all that there is no more updates but guess what? A few still came up so Nov 12th is the final day for any and all things.



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  Latest news from Mike
Posted by: Bogor - 28-10-2018, 04:54 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - Replies (1)

Hi All,
Was not expecting to do an update before the end of month but here we are.
In a few days, the site will be closed.I would suggest that you download a new gene file before that happens as there were a few people that had dissapeared and came back so there was a little work done on the dB. It WILL NOT DELAY anything but there may be a few changes on a few of you and when I say a few, maybe 10 or 20 members.
Ity is for the better, not the worst so anyone that has had changes made will be presently surprised.
OK, I am exoected to go back to HK in the first or second week in Nov. Final sutff I need to do and also sign off on the final updates on the dB.
Yes, each time there is a change in the dB, I need to make sure it is for real and need to sign off on it.
I guess that is it for now and once I have more news I will post.
Hi All,
A few final adjustments were made to the dB. It is now closed totaly and has been sent to HK.
I would suggest that you all get a new PDF of your records as this is the final results.
For most, there are no changes. A few and I mean a few have some changes but they are mostly in a positive way.
There are also a few PDFs that for some reason were not made and these are the Angel ID numbers that need to try to download them.
453913000 RP
453913001 JR
559875291 MG
305337979 CDG
275810594 AH
028518529 GB
691294000 BP (or AP)
883370570 RC
654753852 PY
736105851 MP
295606543 WM
778192516 DZ
448810839 MS


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  You can call me a lot...
Posted by: Bogor - 18-10-2018, 03:54 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - Replies (5)

But do not threaten my family or me for that matter. The forum has been down for two reasons. First of all it needed to be updated, and being on holiday with bad connections makes that a hard task and a takes a lot of patience.

I also have to clean up after Mike or one of his brain-dead friends using DNS tools, and it's rather time-consuming to block for threats and bull shit. More regards this later.

Every normal person on this earth knows that a regular employee cannot be held responsible for the management and their decisions, or in this case Mike Poulos decisions. My last salary was in October 2004 and my first warning about this scam was in January 2005.

I do understand that many are calling for proof, but what is a proof? A piece of paper from Mike saying he stole your money? That will of course never happen. A piece of paper from a bank or insurance company? I claim that there aren't any papers because there is no company behind E65 or whatever name Mike have used, and IF there were a company who had co-working with banks and insurance companies, then Mike will not give away any information unless he is forced in a lawsuit.

I have said this a million times before. I can only be used as a witness!!! This means I can't do anything except help those who want to find out the real truth. 

On May 25th 2018 the EU adopted a new data protection act, that protects ALL EU citizens from having their personal data spread all over the internet. In very short it means that an EU citizen can DEMAND to have his or her data removed, and furthermore informed about who else MAY have your data.

Now it might be hard to force EU laws through in Bogor/Indonesia and some African countries, but the USA have accepted to follow the so-called GDPR laws (like the USA, in fact, have laws even tougher than the EU laws), and that opens for bringing in Jeff Gordon and I strongly believe that Jeff won't take the heat for Mike, as Jeff will have a lot to explain US tax office and why he control and maintain thousands of peoples personal data.

This may or may not be the reason for Jeff and Mike to close the VSB site in order to avoid GDPR laws, but they still have to prove that all data is gone, electronically as on paper. And Mke and Jeff will have to prove that any personal data sent to any bank or insurance company can be tracked, in order for these companies to follow regulations from any DPA. So IF E65 was legit and real than Mike and/or Jeff is forced to inform witch companies got your personal data.

Also, all the PLA and whatever tools Mike have used in the past in order to steal your money is covered under the GDPR laws.

Now is this a proof? It could be IF just one EU E65 member reported Mike and Jeff to the local DPA (Data Protection Agency). It would be a rather fast way to see who have the fact straight and who has been bull shitting since very early 1999.

I am trying to keep things nice and easy, not telling lies as I type what I do know. I don't guess or make stuff up, in fact, I keep the personal parts away as they at times were pretty ugly.

So I don't want idiots like Leo (Mike) and clowns like Esfor ruin my day, by turn thing around. I am the easiest person on earth to report to the authorities in a country with no corruption = I will be taken in for questioning if reported, and if Mikes stupid claims would hold water, then I would face time in prison and a scam like Mikes cost 4 - 8 years in Denmark.

And nobody ever wonders why Mike did not put charges!! Does anyone want to guess? I will give a small hint. Mike doesn't want to show up in ANY courtroom, simply because he will have to show evidence and that he can not!

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  Someone having red wine tonight :-D
Posted by: Bogor - 12-10-2018, 07:39 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - Replies (11)





Sydsjællands- og Lolland Falsters Politi
Antvorskov Alle 139, DK-4200 Slagelse
Sjælland - Denmark

Phone +45 5850 1448
Email ssj@politi.dk


Hi All,

Since many of you do not know the IDIOT JORGEN GARLIN maybe you can go to his site:


And ask him to prove he is or was not the SCAMMER / HACKER that stole and scammed many of you in the past. I would really love to know what proof he has that he was not the SCAMMER /HACKER. 

I am sure that he will say how can he prove that he was not but wait!!! For the past 18 years he has been accusing me....

As I have said many times, Why am I still here? If I was the person that this IDIOT Gariln claims me to be, why would I still be here after all these years?

Either I am the most INTELLIGENT  person on earth scamming thousands of people over the past 19 years or all of you are the most stupid people on earth.

Now, letts think about this. Am I the Most Intelligent person on earth that can scam all of you over all these years or are you all that stupid? The answer is simple... It has to be one or the other? No???

Or, Maybe, just maybe I am really what I say I have been all these years.... Thoughts????

Personally, I know for a fact that you are not all Stupid as Garlin would think and that I am not the scammer as he says I am because if I was, then you would all be that stupid....

So, here is what I would like you to do.... Please send a reply to seeker@virtualsafebox.org and I will post it here..... I know that there are a few members that would prefer I do not do this but I have really had had it with this SCAMMER / HACKER GARLIN and I know that most people are tired of his crap as I am.

Feel free to also post on his forum since he loves this....

In Closing, anyone knowing where this COWARD is living, either Denmark or Sweden, (BTW, he may be hiding from Denmark since he is wanted there) then please let me know his address, phone and email so that we can share with everyone and he can then take the time to explain to people what he is doing.....

So sad that GARLIN, the SCAMMER / HACKER / COWARD is always hiding.......

He wants a fight, well, guess what??? He has one..... 

I have challenged him so many times to come face me in Indonesia and you all know what? He never came or even had the BALLS* to reply.....

If he has all this proof that I have scammed everyone,  why is it that in 19 years he has never, ever evven once gone to the police???? Simple, I have never scammed anyone.

I can go on and on about this *SCAMMER / HACKER / HUGE YELLOW COWARD of an AH*** but I will leave it at that**

For all the members, I apologize about ranting like this but you all need to know how I feel. 


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  An other joke :-)
Posted by: Bogor - 12-10-2018, 10:07 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos many scams - Replies (11)

Hi Everyone,

Seems that Jorgen Garlin is at it again, emailing everyone about his new site screaming about me.
5 or 6 years ago when many of you got scammed using perfect money so get a foundation, who do you all think it was? Me, I say it is Garlin. Why, well, I know for a fact when he was working with me way back when, he had full access to the server and I know for a fact that he copied everythig, including your email addresses.

For all these years I have kept quite but no more.

He is and I am 100% sure that he is the scammer that stole all your money.

He has been accusing me all these years of scamming and now I say to Garlin, **PROVE YOU ARE NOT THE SCAMMER HACKER**

I know that he will scream even more now once he sees this but the more you all feed on his crap, the more you have him strength...

Stop feeding on his lies and crap..... Stop going on his damn forums.

I will stress again, anyone I find out is spreading this crap will be left in the dark very soon.

I have had more than enough of his crap.

If I was the kind of person to wish him to get hit by a bus crossing the street, I would surely wish it but I am not that person.

So Garlin, now it is time to prove that you are not the hacker. Good luck with that my old friend.


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