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Posted by: american-e65-scammed - 23-05-2020, 03:13 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (3)

Below is a proof of the sumptuous life that SCAMMER BECKY POULOS and SCAMMER MIKE POULOS are enjoying with our hard-earned money in one of the most upscale hotels in Jakarta:


I have never been to Indonesia but I am cognizant that Fairmont hotels are one of the most expensive and costly in North America and you can verify it in this link:


Everyone should notice that SCAMMER BECKY POULOS as reviewer mentions the words ALWAYS and OFTEN....  Cool

Garlin mentioned that SCAMMER MIKE POULOS loved the first class way of life and it seems he will always have it... Big Grin   with our money

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  What about the ID-copies...
Posted by: Inlo003 - 06-05-2020, 06:32 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (2)

Hi. It was about 10 yrs ago when I sent both money and copies of my ID-card to the ProjectE65/Plus20K. Do anyone know what has happened to the ID-information or why Mike and his crew wanted that info?

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Bug Only in E65 land.....
Posted by: Bogor - 18-04-2020, 07:47 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (10)

Only in E65 land things is slowly due to the Corona panic-demi. Yes, the hairdresser is closed, so is the mall, but what has that to do with banks, insurance companies etc. I just bought myself a new EV (Electrical Vehicle - Hyundai Kona). On Tuesday I signed the papers at the car dealer, on Tuesday money was deducted from my bank account. Tuesday the insurance company send me an email confirming that the car was insured. On Thursday I got the invoice from the tax office asking me to pay the road tax. 2 days all in all.

See this is a real update, based on the real world, and not the usual totally none saying blablabla.

So all the above in the middle of the Corona panic-demi where all is so closed that Mike can´t do shit, other than lying and cheating people. 

Below you will find the usual blaaaaaaaaaaaa with no less than the usual 6 typos and grammatical errors (read 2 glasses of red wine) 

Hi All,

With the Covid19, first I want to say that we are all fine here so far. We have been in lock down at home, mostly self imposed but now Indonesia is taking better steps to limit people's traveling in the cities.

In end of February and 1st week of Marched, I went to Europe to get some E65 business done. Most of what I needed was done except my last day there there were a few little things that I was not able to do.

These little things can be done remotely.

However, wit this covid 19, nothing is moving at all and nothing can be done about this.

In the mean time, all I can do is ask you all to be patient, Stay at home and be safe.

I have heard that only two members have been tested positive and I  wish them a speedy recovery.

Once there is any movement at all, I will update when that time comes.

Thank you


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  Corona Corona Corona
Posted by: Bogor - 21-03-2020, 11:49 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (10)

To those who still dream of millions from Mike Poulos. The newest text from Mike Poulos was so predictable at the same level as I state there will be a tomorrow.

Mike Pouls here in the 21st century we use online meetings, Skype, Skype for Business, Microsft Teams, Facetime etc. No one needs to move one inch. 

No one carries money nor letters anymore, we use secure email and online transfers of funds.

So once again bull shit from you. Even Scandinavia is closed down due to the coronavirus, then ALL businesses function 100% and so it is in ALL business centers in HK, Singapore, Taiwan, China, USA, EU etc.

Even small half pro single owner businesses know how to use online solutions, but the "biiiig fantastic serious one and only" businessman Mike Poulos and his even bigger and so so serious mates know nothing  Big Grin

For once the little fuck face has used spell checker so we only see 1 error this time.

Hi Guys 

Thankfully I was able to get all of the necessary paperwork done on my part when I travelled.  For Foundation members expecting to travel, all of the accounts are registered and ready to go.  So the preliminary work is done and ready to begin the final phase.

If not for the Coronavirus I could start to consider timelines but that is now put on hold.  The Gang of 8 meetings with the bankers have been postponed as we need to wait until we can get past the Coronavirus and then reset the next steps.

The packages for mailing are done but there will not be any transfers to other countries because of travel restrictions.   Additional travel for foundation members needs to wait.  Essentially both will be happening at the same time.  

When new information becomes available I will post an update.  In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy!!!   We have a lot to look forward to as the year unfolds.


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Shocked More nothing
Posted by: Bogor - 13-03-2020, 04:53 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (4)

As foreseen- no news what so ever, corona as an excuse and red wine typos. 

From now on, I won’t waste my time sending these absolutely none saying blabla “updates”. If real news occur in this life, then I will post them, so I guess this is my last posting ?

Hi Guys,

I am back from my travels.

Glad I went when I did as this corona virus is really making things hard right now.

Anyhow, in the next few days or weeks I will give you all a more detail update.

Please be paitaint until I get back to you all.

I will answer all your questions on my next update.



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Music What shall we do with a drunken scammer
Posted by: Bogor - 25-02-2020, 05:28 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (2)

Now he had had too much red Wine again. The ohhh soooo professional super business”wo”man who controlling billions of dollars, send you an “update” and beside and as usual tell you absolutely nothing, have so many typos that one should think its written by a 4 year old child.

I’m not rich, and only have 36 people under me at work, but I do have a secretary making sure that all business related information that I send out, is hold in a professional business language and NO spelling errors.

Mike is a simple thief with no class and no education what so ever, and that explains why he can’t spell. My excuse is that danish is my first language :-)

Next lamme excuse Will be corona virus. Just remember that in Indonesia there are a lot more people die year after year of Denque fever, and media never write about that, in other words - mass hysteria! Anyhow the “news” below.

Scandoz have copied these so-called news in an other thread.

Hi Guys,

So I will be having my first meeting next Friday over seas.

I will be gone just over a week and hope that I can get everyting done.

My flight and hotel are already booked and paid for there htere is no changes on this.

There is going to be a lot for me to do and all I ask of all of you is wiat till I come bank and I can give a update on the 2nd week of march.

Please do not flood me with questions this time.... I will not answer you and all this will do is give me more stress that I need right now.

If you do insist on questions and what not, I will make sure you are last in line for everything.

Chat with you all 2nd week in March.

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  No Update
Posted by: scandoz - 14-02-2020, 10:52 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (3)

So there was no update early feb ,we are now halfway through the month
This would mean he didnt travel which means an update at the end of the month which will probably say I may travel in march and will update you If I do,months and months go by with this stupid charade
Seriously Mike ....just END this,it is so far beyond a joke there is little to say anymore
Stop updating,close everything,you got away with it and just let everyone put this behind us

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Bug More of the same non saying bull shit from the small thief
Posted by: Bogor - 27-01-2020, 06:41 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (6)

Now he has been drinking again!!

If I maybe go/not go/go/not go, I will maybe do/not do but don’t. What a piece of none saying bull shit as usual. Mike you are a bad excuse of a "man"!! How about that you admit, that you are a common thief and make this bull shit stop once and for all. Ohh I forgot you don’t have balls. Chicken.

Family matters my ass - his little paid toy seems well 


Hi guys,

Been getting a lot of emails and chats so here we are again.

Last week I was requested to travel but because of some family matters, I was not able to travel.

I am expected to go in early Feburary but please do not take this as a 100% for sure as things can change.

For now, I am very positive on the travel dates and will update you upon my return.

While I am in travel, I may be contacting members in the area where I will be to say hi but please, please, please do not text or email me if I am coming in your area as I will not reply one way or an other.

Will update you after the travel if I go, if not, I will send an update at end of Feb that I did not travel.

Lets hope I go.



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Star No Merry Christmas to you!!
Posted by: Bogor - 27-12-2019, 08:34 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (6)

Mikey boy is pissed ohhh he is so pissed and therefore no Merry Christmas to you nor Happy 2020 and how come that may be so you might ask.

The answer is simple, too many of you have been naughty, and emailed Mikes partner in Crime Jeff Gordon and in simple wording said that you are tired of Mikes repeated lies like "Be ready", or sign documents in Hong Kong a year ago, not to mention al his really non-saying and so-called updates.

It is time to just accept that Mike and Jeff can't and won't admit that they have been bull shitting all for 2 decades and trust me, it will continue in 2020, and there will gullible fools that will defend Mikey and his equal criminal friend Jeff, and send money to Mike so Mike can pay Jeff - ohhh sorry Jeff have been working for free the last 20 years, quite normal in USA - or something.

Anyway, I wish that all will enter 2020 in a healthy way and that 2020 will be the year where Mike and Jeff grow some balls and tell you the truth.

It was and it is a scam, live with it and get on with your lives. 

In closing I will come with a spoiler alert - there won't be any payout in 2020, no dollar stuffed foundations, and in late December 2020, I'm going to wish all a Merry Christmas and a happy 2021

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Heart Just some information.
Posted by: Bogor - 17-12-2019, 08:52 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - No Replies

Indonesia is a country with lots of red tape and corruption - you got funds, you can get what you want - no limits what so ever.

However slowly but sure Indonesia starts to control its infrastructure when it comes to taxation. Just like many other places in the world companies (many places also privates) have to self-report income in order to pay correct taxes and the Indonesian national bank, Bank Indonesia or in short BI, wants to know how much money the company has sent in and out the country. 

In other words, if Mike really had a company in Bogor, he would have to tell the authorities just how much money E65, +20k, VSB or whatever name he call his scam, have in HSBC bank, so IF Mike really had a company then he also, and down to the last cent, knew just how much money he would have to pay each and everyone - including interest.

Remember Mike "fired" the so-called Team a long time ago, so there is Mike and no one else, means that Mike knows all regards laws, rules, and numbers in Indonesia.


The link shows the letter all companies receive from BI in order to follow laws and taxation. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


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