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Shocked Admin D as in Dumbass
Posted by: Bogor - 03-05-2023, 04:51 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (3)

It started with E65, since then there have been many names, and with each name change, citizens in different countries have paid lots of dollars for nothing.

Throughout the years, Mike Poulos has tried to appear as the one who has it all under control, knows everything about everything, and never, and I mean NEVER, makes mistakes.

We are talking about Mike Poulos, who has access to the absolute top of the European, American, and Asian financial markets, is in daily contact with law firms around the world, and controls gold and dollars worth billions of US dollars.

If there was just one gram of truth in all the bull shit that admin a, b, c, or D as in Dumbass, said was true, the story would have been featured in worldwide magazines, TV shows, etc. with stories like how an uneducated person who has only had one real job as a limo driver his entire life was able to build a multi-billion dollar company with only 1 employee (the now famous admin D), the one and only "E65".

I don't know about you guys, but I haven't seen Mike Poulos in any TV shows or magazines except in a local Indonesian newspaper where he was being held accountable for smuggling Canadian coins.

When I read that poor Mike Poulos had to sit in a tiny apartment for 2 years, it was solely because he (once again) cheated people in Jakarta, and they are still waiting for him, so it will be funny to follow his return to the poor family that you, dear reader, have been feeding for quite a few years now.

It will also be amusing to read when Admin Dumbass talks about his visit to the lawyer.

Anyway, here's the latest nonsense from Mike Poulos, ChatGPT, or a gullible fool like myself who believed every piece of crap that came out of Mike Poulos' mouth :-)


Dear Clients,

We would like to address the recent confusion surrounding a post by Mike two
days ago. We hope that by explaining the circumstances, you can form your own understanding of the situation.

For more than two years, Mike has been living in a small apartment, feeling extremely bored. To pass the time, he has been exploring AI-generated systems. The update on April 26th was processed through an AI, and some of you noticed that it didn't quite match Mike's usual writing style.  You were right.

Mike has been working on a small project involving an AI-generated bot, which has been making payouts. He thought it would be interesting to share this with our membership. Unfortunately, the AI-generated wording led to misunderstandings, and many people believed our system had been hacked. We want to clarify that it was Mike's post, but the wording came from the AI, causing the confusion.

Please be assured that nothing has changed regarding the payout schedule for Bullion clients, and everything remains on track. Mike will be speaking with lawyers next week, and we expect that my partner and I will be introduced to the law firm to maintain communication while Mike returns home to his family.

As for why Mike would pursue this project when he's about to receive a large sum of money, it's not about the money. Instead, it's about keeping himself engaged with something interesting. If you find the AI-generated bot intriguing, feel free to explore it, but if not, please disregard it.

For those who have requested the link since it was taken down, we have included it below. If you're not interested, please disregard it.

Thank you for your understanding

Admin D

Link to Mike's program: The link has been removed no reason for the readers to lose more money!!!

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Tongue A proper load of bullshit
Posted by: Bogor - 29-04-2023, 07:54 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (1)

When delivering a proper load of bullshit and attempting to imitate the deceitful and criminal Mike Poulos, one should at least TRY to sound like Mike Poulos. 

The vocabulary used in the below so-called update has LIX score light-years ahead of Mike Poulos' simple "fuck you" vocabulary, and the biggest mistake is signing as Mike instead of how Mike Poulos does it, namely MIKE, something he's been doing since starting one of the biggest scams on the internet The E65!! All the other scams came after!!

Hi All,

As May approaches, I eagerly anticipate the possibility of returning home. In the meantime, I have an update on the status of our loan files. (Donations)

My admin has provided me with the latest information on all loans, including those that have been refunded. Please note that refunded loans will not be honoured per the original agreement, as they have already been settled. Rest assured, I have received email confirmations for each refund, so there should be no discrepancies.

During my next meeting with our legal team, I will request that they liaise directly with my admin on several matters. This will enable to spend more time with my family, as I do not intend to continue working on these issues. My admin is fully equipped to handle the necessary tasks, but I will remain available for support if needed.
I will keep you informed of any further developments through this channel. However,  I kindly ask for your understanding in not disclosing my exact departure date, as I wish to fully disconnect once I return home.

I am truly looking forward to this next chapter.

Best regards,


PS: Due to emails received asking questions about the latest update: if you are affected by having your funds returned by GFM you would have received direct notice from them and are aware you had your funds returned.

So, if you have not received notice from GFM it is because nothing has changed for you. So don´t email admin asking if you were affected. Also note PLA´s will be processed at a later date.

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Tongue Eastern Greetings to you all.
Posted by: Bogor - 10-04-2023, 04:17 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (1)

Once again, a bunch of useless nonsense. Power outage in Montreal, so what? Writing an update telling all its Easter hmm, it's Easter all around the world so no news, Sherlock.

It's really nice of Mike to answer questions, but you just can't ask the most important ones, namely, which law firm, which bank, and when you will be paid (or Mike Poulos just have to stop lying), because those are the only relevant questions, everything else is fucking irrelevant!

Now that Mike has been forced to stay a couple of days at the Hyatt Hotel and enjoyed some delicious 5-star food and wine, it probably won't be long before beggar Mike Poulos begs for more money.


Hi All,

Eastern Greetings to you all.

Firstly, my apologies for the delay in updating you but Montreal has been experiencing huge power outages and the law firm was not contactable.  Then Easter came and they closed for the holiday.
I had to move out of my apartment to a hotel because of the freezing conditions and no power at all. I am back at the aprtment now and hoping the power holds.

I hope to speak with my lawyer next week, but it may be the week after.

The news I can chare at this time which is really good is that the funds have been moved to a Wealth Management Bank and are safe. They are not yet in the lawyer´s escrow account, but this should be finalised soon. Once this is done then the lawyer will begin contact with Gram´s clients first. This will be done via email.

I understand that people will have questions as to how this is going to progress so I am getting Admin to put together a FAQ list to be placed on the Channels so that you can get the answers you need at this time and don`t need to email admin with your particular circumstances.

If you have a valid question, (Note, valid) about your Grams fund or E-65 fund please use these emails. Please try not to ask questions that cannot be answered at this time, especially the question of time frames. I cannot say when things will happen at this time.

Please put the word QUESTION in the subject line and please do not expect my Admin to answer you personally. This is just for the purpose of gathering questions you may have about payments, etc. They understand that they may get the same question from 20 different people and that is fine. We just need to know that you are ready and have some understanding of how this will work.

As I said, some questions may have no answer until we are a bit further down the road.

I understand progress is slow, but things are happening. It is a very large fund, and everything has to be right and correct both for me, the law firm,  the government and for you, the recipients.

For questions regarding Grams accounts please email support@grams.xxx

For questions regarding E-65 and the traded gold please email admin@e-65.xxx

And again, these will not be answered individually but will be used to form the FAQ section. 



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  just another blabla
Posted by: Bogor - 15-03-2023, 06:54 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (2)

This is just an interim update to let you know that everything is still on track.

Mike did say that he would not update further until more is known, however given that he had just gone through an extensive inquiry it is understandable that he did not want to update further at that time.

He has told us that he will not contact the lawyers until the end of the March.

But this does not mean there will be anything to report at this time. PLease understand this.

You also need to understand that the funds have still not been released and are still undergoing
whatever process the government agencies need to do.

I wish I could tell you something but there really is nothing to report. The waiting continues and is very frsutrating for everyone, including for Mike and his family but it is necessary for now. I ask for your patience at this time.

Thank you.

Admin D

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Wink For those who still have wet dreams
Posted by: Bogor - 12-03-2023, 11:37 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (1)

A forum for believers - personally I got a good laugh on a Sunday, especially the subject "Mike will find you" part is drop-dead laughing fun  Big Grin


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  Was asked to post this....
Posted by: Bogor - 03-01-2023, 02:01 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (5)

A Commenter with previous experience with 'Hobie" aka Jeff Gordon - "Zapper"

A Commenter and former Reader of RMN sent this to share.  
More information on Mike Poulos at the bottom.  

The Google search also has more information. 

Since that default judgement for $11,739.21 is a done deal and the plaintiff is looking to enforce that judgement, 

Hobie and Rayelan will just have to scam a little harder.

Speaking of scams, Hobie otherwise known as Jeff Gordon, appears to have prior experience at relieving folks of their money in less than honest ways.

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Heart Merry Chrismas everyone
Posted by: Bogor - 11-12-2022, 12:36 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (4)

As John Lennon once wrote/sang "And then it's Christmas..." and Christmas it is again, and once again Mike Poulos' disciples are left with approximately twice as many payouts as they received last year. Ohhh and the Pro Mike E65 or whatever name his scams have, remember to send lots of dollars to the beggar, as he already has spent the 30.000 USD he got last month, and this time he pays 100 to 1 - AGAIN!!! 

At this point he has taken 110.000 USD in - more than a regular employee makes in one year by doing HONEST work. I will never understand that any can be that insane, okay I know a few in here, you know the 2.   Big Grin

Nevertheless, I wish all a very Merry Christmas and the best for 2023, and a special wish for those who are or know someone from or in Ukrania.

I think it is probably not necessary to write that in December 2023 I will again write Merry Christmas and once again you got paid nothing, but several of you have probably, once again, sent several dollars to poor Mike Poulos who sits there in cold Canada and freezes his loser ass off. Yes loses his sorry beggar ass off for the only thing he does is BEG for money like another homeless person.

Personally, the family and I will have a well-deserved holiday in the Norwegian mountains, and return to Denmark just before Christmas where the rest of the family will come and enjoy good food and lots of Christmas presents.

So until Christmas 2023, have a fantastic season  Heart

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  The forum is up and running again
Posted by: Paris - 25-11-2022, 10:28 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (10)

I have to apologize that there has been a bit of a mess on the forum lately due to updates to both the PHP pages and the database.

So now everything works again

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Posted by: fisher - 02-11-2022, 01:34 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (1)


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  To YS from Singapore
Posted by: vsbvictim - 31-08-2022, 02:31 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (1)

Dear YS,

If you are reading this, 

Please do share with us what you have found.

You managed to find out what trading company he is using ?

Please DM me. I have resources.

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