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E-65 Registered Members: URGENT UPDATE AUG 23rd 2023 - Bogor - 29-08-2023

As they say, it takes one to know one!

I find it amusing that a scammer like Mike Poulos comes out to warn against other scammers. If you've kept even a slight eye on this joke called E65 that started in early 1999, about 25 years ago, you'll know that there are still a few who believe that Mike Poulos will make them rich. It's these naive individuals who partly keep Mike going and also attract other scam artists.

And no, dear lovely stupid and naive Admin A, B, or whatever letter today, there is not just one individual who sends data my way; there are many. And how do I know? Elementary, dear Admin Watson. I receive daily private messages as well as a lot of emails from the followers of "E65", "Plus, I'm fucked again by Mike Poulos 20" and other scams with whatever names Mike's scams were/are.

There's only ONE way for Mike to change his reputation as a simple thief, and that is to share REAL information – bank names, law firm names, and so on. But we both know dear Admin Whatever, that he can't. 

Mike hasn't done an honest day's work since he drove a limousine in Canada, and with zero income, one can wonder how the beggar Mike Poulos can afford expensive lawyers, and legal experts, not to mention the massive setup needed to reach out to all those who have sent him a lot of money over the years – money that should be reimbursed. Everything costs money, and the few dollars Mike manages to beg for will in no way be able to cover these expenses. And that's valid information, something that can be investigated, as anyone can consult a lawyer and inquire about these costs.

You, dear Admin, whatever letter you use today, can be truly glad that there are still members who are more naive than you are!!


Dear Clients and Members,

We wish to bring to your immediate attention an important update as of August 23rd.

It has come to our notice that certain individuals have been receiving correspondence appearing to be from Mikes Law Firm.

We urge you to exercise caution and disregard any emails of this nature until both Mike and I confirm the readiness of the lawyers to proceed.

Regrettably, there appears to be an individual within our community who is actively working against the success of our program. This individual has been working covertly to hinder the significant progress that Mike has achieved in recent years.

Such actions are deeply disappointing, and we must all remain vigilant when dealing with emails that raise suspicion.

Please be aware that when the communication from the lawyers is indeed ready, it will address you by your name. However, it's important to note that the final sign-off from Mike is still pending. As a result, any emails claiming to be from the lawyers at this time are not authentic.

We implore you not to share any personal information or engage in any correspondence. Should you happen to receive such communications, we kindly request that you inform us promptly at

Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.


Admin D

RE: E-65 Registered Members: URGENT UPDATE AUG 23rd 2023 - Bogor - 29-08-2023

I apologize that I don't always manage to send out information on the same day as it's received, and the explanation is simple: I spend as little time as possible on E65, and the numerous private messages are always prioritized first – usually  Rolleyes

RE: E-65 Registered Members: URGENT UPDATE AUG 23rd 2023 - american-e65-scammed - 06-09-2023

We are not so far from Christmas... Cool