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Mike - video - Bogor - 10-11-2023

Well, some 'new' news from Mike just came in. The only truthful thing in this video is that Mike is NOT in Canada but in Bogor. That is, of course, unless it's just makeup he has drawn on his skinny white legs.

One thing seems quite likely, and that's the arrival of a begging letter when there's a need for more money for hospital bills.

If I know Mike well (and I do), he has taken out health care insurance and is covered that way.

And this isn't the first time Mike has made a film showing how sick he is.

Another thing that should be puzzling is why Admin D doesn't know or hasn't informed that the whiner Mike is back in Bogor? Because IF these are real mosquito bites, then Mike is not in Canada, as there isn't much mosquito activity in Canada currently due to the season.

One can believe what they want, but it won't be long before begging letters arrive.

Of course, there's also the possibility that Mike is trying to 'weave' his way out of his scam and all his lies by telling a story about how some bad guys have taken all the money, but these bad guys can't get the money until Mike is dead.

Mike, you need to start looking over your shoulder all the time, because those who want our money wish you dead, and many of those you have cheated over the last more than 20 years - well, they wish you dead too. So take care mate.

RE: Mike - video - american-e65-scammed - 19-11-2023

We are seeing the real face of SCAMMER MIKE POULOS!!

He can do the most horrendous things when wanting money...

RE: Mike - video - martin_argentina - 01-01-2024

Bogor (Jorgen Garlin) passed away weeks ago.

RE: Mike - video - scandoz - 06-01-2024

(01-01-2024, 02:01 PM)martin_argentina Wrote: Bogor (Jorgen Garlin) passed away weeks ago.

Seriously Martin.what happened

RE: Mike - video - martin_argentina - 08-01-2024

Yes scandoz, I am speakig seriously.

Jorgen Garlin had lung cancer and despite the words from his physician and medical doctors that he had 10 or 15 years of more life, he had to enter hospital in the last days of November as his condition was getting worse. At the end fo December I got in touch with Diani, his wife (now widow), who informed me the very sad news.

Yu can see the coding errors of this part of the e65forum, that was something that Jorgen was fixing.

RE: Mike - video - scandoz - 09-01-2024

Wow,thats sad,he didnt give his christmas, I told you so,so though it was odd
Another sad chapter in this sad novel
Rest in peace

RE: Mike - video - Counselor - 10-01-2024

I also missed hearing his Christmas message. I thought he skipped it because he knew the admins provided solid proof that E65 was a scam, so it was not necessary to send that message. I am thankful for his tireless efforts to warn us. My sympathy to his wife and family and everybody who will miss him.

RE: Mike - video - AnotherFuckedMember - 11-01-2024

Deepest condolences to Jorgen's family. I too am thankful to Jorgen for trying to stop the con man Poulos.

RE: Mike - video - american-e65-scammed - 12-01-2024

Really sad and shocking news! Jorgen Garlin was really confronting MEGA-SCAMMER MIKE POULOS!!
We are all mourning Jorgen