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Liars are liars
Tell a lie once it might be a mistake, do it twice and you are liar.

Martin there is NO different between you, Jeff and Mike as you do not come clean. Instead of saying I Martin will take over, then you come up with bull shit like you are the silent Mr. Nice Guy, but you are nothing but a fucking double tongue liar!!

I have NO respect for liars Martin, so that includes YOU!! And no you are NOT welcome to visit ME in Denmark.

Delete this post I give a shit, it just shows that you are a coward who does not dare to stand by his actions. Shame on you.

ANd to those who think that silence will make you rich because of Mike - my goodness how brain dead one can be before one should be locked up inside a madhouse?


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Liars are liars - by Bogor - 04-06-2022, 05:08 PM

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