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Fake News, Rumors and Lies.
(12-07-2021, 06:21 AM)Counselor Wrote: I came across a recent article about the owner of a program that members may be familiar with: Eastern Metal Securities, HCI-25, and reversed pension plans. This program began in 2012, but someone filed a complaint against him in 2019. The United States charged him with crimes that involved defrauding people, even though he is a citizen of Sweden. The victims of the fraud are allowed to file Victim Impact Statements which may help them get reimbursed.

The point of this is that maybe it's not too late for us to get restitution, if we find out there is no hope of getting a pay-out. I agree with Bogor's idea about investigating Mike's whereabouts to find out if he made any business trips, or anything to prove whether E65 is legitimate or not.

There are several other sites that describe his scams, his tactics, and how he operated. Many
are similar to what we have seen with this program.

Not to say that what you are proposing won't work if it is in fact available in what ever jurisdiction that Mike is charged (if it ever comes to that), but as for restitution, If what Jorgan is saying is correct, I would very much doubt that Mike would have the financial capabilities to make any restitution. 

I guess all we can do now is wait and see what the future brings.
What SCAMMER MIKE POULOS is doing in these days is something that he has been doing over and over again  [Image: angry.png]:  he takes a longer time than announced in order to send a new E65 Endowment65 update as he is aware (and reads it in this forum) members are wondering on him, surmising, making conjectures, etc.   Definitively, SCAMMER MIKE POULOS knows how to make himself wanted and wished.  Huh

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