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Latest from Cirkus Mike
I will alove myself to point out that I have copied the text, so all the spelling errors does not come from my hand  Tongue THe worse regards this socalled update, is that it MAY be true that wiffy is at the hospital, but can also be one of Mikes big fat lies.

Morning everyone.

Late week I was in HK. I had to come back due to the fact my wife was admitted to the hospital. A few days after she came out, she went back . Tomorrow she is going thru some tests and if everything is OK, I should go back to HK next week.

In the mean time, after this next trip, I am not expectin anything happening from my side for Sept & Oct.

This does not mean that everything is stopping. Just that I will not be needed.

Once there is more info, I will advise everyone.

Thank you


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