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New domain owner and admin
(08-06-2022, 09:37 AM)MezzaB Wrote:
(05-06-2022, 01:56 PM)martin_argentina Wrote: Thank you MezzaB for understanding! and for your words!

Posting private emails without the consent of the sender and in many threads (is not 1 thread enough?) shows vileness and is repulsive.

When I volunteered to be admin I made clear I would do it on a trial basis mainly due to the possible technical difficulties as I am not skilled in handling databases and related fields. However, what has been arising as a significative inconvenience is the fact that -instead of being myself- I have been receiving constant preasure to become a clon of Jorgen. 

My style is to allow forum members to express without censorship and not baning postings or persons, clearly different from what we have witnessed over the years. For instance, when those 5 forum members requested to have their comments deleted I honoured their requests but  what Jorgen wanted me to do it was to ban Counselor and the other folks, which I refused.  And so on with several other cases. Jorgen wanted to dictate each and every step of what I should be doing, I received many offensive sentences such as my style implies giving blow jobs to Mike and Jeff....  and many others.

So in order to admit I am an admin my style must be respected, otherwise I give up.  Said in other words: if the style of Martin is not respected then the admin is not Martin.


Your efforts and time are greatly appreciated
Please ignore the DH as we all know he is a loose cannon and cant be trusted to say or do the right thing for anyone but himself.
I would remind you all that he also admitted to living with Mike in the past and receiving money from him, so if Mike is a thief, then by association, would you not say that he is too.
Hang in there Martin

What part of a regular employee on monthly salary was it that you did NOT understand?

You claim that I'm a loose cannon and that you can not trust what I say, fine enough, but would you be so kind to come up with just one single letter that I have said and that is NOT right - just one?

I have not admitted that I have lived in Mike's house, I said I lived in Mike's house all the time, from day 1, something that several former (dead or alive) E65 members knew/know when they visited Mike in Jakarta, something that Jeff knows because he and I worked together around Mike's online casino (which then never turned into anything) among other tasks.

I have also, and many times, told how often I was on trips, at brothels and restaurant visits where red wines were drunk for +1,000 USD per bottle, at casinos where so much money was lost that we got "free" hotel stays and feeding.

I have never and will never hide what I have participated in, what I have developed (the first E65 database, and therefore I know that data has never been valid), and what I know.

I've also always said why the collaboration with Mike stopped, and funny enough for the same reason that Martin is not a friend anymore, namely that Mike told a lie.

I'm incredibly tight with people who lie, even the slightest little white lie I can not accept.

I know MezzaF (F for fjols) that you will NEVER see so much as a single 1 cent from Mike, and you will find out the day you lie and sing on the last line of the last verse.

However, there is one thing I agree with you and that is that Martin bothers to be a domain owner and admin. It's so little easier for Martin than it was for me because I do not have the same unreal wet dream as Martin (even though he really knows that it's a scam) and you and I know where your money is - they were spent long long time ago !!
You're right, MezzaB : IF Mike is a thief, then Jorgen is a thief as well!
(08-06-2022, 12:49 PM)fisher Wrote: You're right, MezzaB : IF Mike is a thief, then Jorgen is a thief as well!

Then I STRONGLY suggest that you and Mezza F (F for Fjols) report me to the danish police for theft of your money.

To contact the police in the area where I live can be done by using the link - and its in English so there is no excuse NOT to report me!!!

I have always said that I will join related lawsuits ANYWHERE in the world, as it will show the few members who have the same wet dream as you and Mezza F, that Mike is nothing more than a common thief - ohh and I was a stupid employee who thought he could have a nice life in the sun. As all know it did not go like that.

Fisher you still don´t get why I did remove you when I was the owner? You are a shit face that starts the wars with your stupidity!! Who refuses to understand almost nothing except that Mike will make you rich, which never ever will happen - not a single cent will you see - ever.

And like it not - since 1999 and until today I am the one who is right, not Mike, not Jeff, not the so-called team, not Martin, not Mezza F, and not you, but of course, I am wrong because Mike and Jeff say so.

Show me the money "mate" ohh you cant Mike took them :-D
MezzaB, as you can see we made a point with calling him a thief.
Ah, and to you, my MATE Jorgen: You can try to give me bad names, this only shows me again I was right calling you a thief...
(08-06-2022, 08:18 PM)fisher Wrote: MezzaB, as you can see we made a point with calling him a thief.
Ah, and to you, my MATE Jorgen: You can try to give me bad names, this only shows me again I was right calling you a thief...

Instead of your girly blabla, be a man and report me to the authorities in any country, if you can't afford the lawyer, because you lost all to Mike, I will gladly pay for yours too.

So the only point you have made so far, is that you are a small pussy without courage.

Be a man and report me!! Show the proof of my lie!!
You are a liar and a thief...
(09-06-2022, 10:39 AM)fisher Wrote: You are a liar and a thief...

Well you're so good. With your fantastic answers, I am 100% sure that even a 3-year-old will be able to convince you that the earth is flat, that Santa Claus exists, the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy too.

And you'll be soooo rich in a liiiiiiiiiiiittle while - Mike's says that himself, since 2005 :-)
Another confirmation that Jorgen is sick...
And a liar and thief...
(09-06-2022, 12:19 PM)fisher Wrote: Another confirmation that Jorgen is sick...
And a liar and thief...

I assume you were just as unbelievably unintelligent as a child and that the only joy you gave your parents was grief.

If you go to the doctor, the doctor will wonder what makes your heart beat!

All-day long I have tried with simple explanations to point out why you will never see so much as the shadow of a cent, and you have chosen to act as one of those dolls you press on their stomach and only perform one sentence.

Feel free to call me anything, but again you are not going to get your wet dream come true - ever.

Your inability to communicate, document, and behave like an adult is astonishing. You should try to put in quite a lot of effort to study ordinary business techniques, banking, and insurance tools and then return with some posts that make sense.

Last but not least because I do not bother to move down to your incredibly low level, then I'm probably the one that most of all hope and wish that Mike was NOT a scam artist, because unlike you, I have seen what Mike's scam can do to people, divorce, lost jobs, lost friends, all of which are at too high a level for you to understand.

I pitty you.
Amen! Smile

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