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Once again a bunch of nothing
Fun in blue  Big Grin

Still, you spend MORE money and still, you don't get any money what so ever.  Dodgy

Hi Everyone,

FYI, all Individual and Family foundations are being processed.

Please note that with each country, laws do differ and and all foundations are being created so that there are no issues with your local laws.

This has been and currently being a lot of work. It is not as simple as getting a bunch of papers stapled together.

The Exclusive foundations are also going to be processed right after all the Individual and Family foundations are done.

This is expected to be completed by end of October.
For Individual and Family (I &F )foundations, banking will also be set up.
All I & F Foundation members will have internet banking as mentioned before and One debit card per account. If you have ordered cards in the past, these cards will be added to your foundation.

You will not have direct access to the bank in person also as mentioned. You will not be able to create additional account or apply for additional debit cards or credit cards as the bank accounts are not in your name. The accounts are in the name of the foundation but you are in total control of transfering funds from the account and debit cards issued.

As of last week, you can no longer upgrade from an I & F foundation to an exclusive foundation.

For members that have ordered a New Exclusive foundation but did not upgrade, they still have either the I & F foundation, they you will be advised how to maximize both foundations to work for you in the best possible way.

From my side, all banking stuff I needed to do including foundations has been done.
As I have mentioned, I am not planning to travel this or next month but as I have info to share, I will post here.

Thank you


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