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Eastern Greetings to you all.
Once again, a bunch of useless nonsense. Power outage in Montreal, so what? Writing an update telling all its Easter hmm, it's Easter all around the world so no news, Sherlock.

It's really nice of Mike to answer questions, but you just can't ask the most important ones, namely, which law firm, which bank, and when you will be paid (or Mike Poulos just have to stop lying), because those are the only relevant questions, everything else is fucking irrelevant!

Now that Mike has been forced to stay a couple of days at the Hyatt Hotel and enjoyed some delicious 5-star food and wine, it probably won't be long before beggar Mike Poulos begs for more money.


Hi All,

Eastern Greetings to you all.

Firstly, my apologies for the delay in updating you but Montreal has been experiencing huge power outages and the law firm was not contactable.  Then Easter came and they closed for the holiday.
I had to move out of my apartment to a hotel because of the freezing conditions and no power at all. I am back at the aprtment now and hoping the power holds.

I hope to speak with my lawyer next week, but it may be the week after.

The news I can chare at this time which is really good is that the funds have been moved to a Wealth Management Bank and are safe. They are not yet in the lawyer´s escrow account, but this should be finalised soon. Once this is done then the lawyer will begin contact with Gram´s clients first. This will be done via email.

I understand that people will have questions as to how this is going to progress so I am getting Admin to put together a FAQ list to be placed on the Channels so that you can get the answers you need at this time and don`t need to email admin with your particular circumstances.

If you have a valid question, (Note, valid) about your Grams fund or E-65 fund please use these emails. Please try not to ask questions that cannot be answered at this time, especially the question of time frames. I cannot say when things will happen at this time.

Please put the word QUESTION in the subject line and please do not expect my Admin to answer you personally. This is just for the purpose of gathering questions you may have about payments, etc. They understand that they may get the same question from 20 different people and that is fine. We just need to know that you are ready and have some understanding of how this will work.

As I said, some questions may have no answer until we are a bit further down the road.

I understand progress is slow, but things are happening. It is a very large fund, and everything has to be right and correct both for me, the law firm,  the government and for you, the recipients.

For questions regarding Grams accounts please email

For questions regarding E-65 and the traded gold please email

And again, these will not be answered individually but will be used to form the FAQ section. 


 What Counselor states is what several E65 Endowment65 members are believing:  that the payout is getting closer  Tongue but SCAMMER MIKE POULOS has always been doing the same over the years and then he requests "donations"

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