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A proper load of bullshit
When delivering a proper load of bullshit and attempting to imitate the deceitful and criminal Mike Poulos, one should at least TRY to sound like Mike Poulos. 

The vocabulary used in the below so-called update has LIX score light-years ahead of Mike Poulos' simple "fuck you" vocabulary, and the biggest mistake is signing as Mike instead of how Mike Poulos does it, namely MIKE, something he's been doing since starting one of the biggest scams on the internet The E65!! All the other scams came after!!

Hi All,

As May approaches, I eagerly anticipate the possibility of returning home. In the meantime, I have an update on the status of our loan files. (Donations)

My admin has provided me with the latest information on all loans, including those that have been refunded. Please note that refunded loans will not be honoured per the original agreement, as they have already been settled. Rest assured, I have received email confirmations for each refund, so there should be no discrepancies.

During my next meeting with our legal team, I will request that they liaise directly with my admin on several matters. This will enable to spend more time with my family, as I do not intend to continue working on these issues. My admin is fully equipped to handle the necessary tasks, but I will remain available for support if needed.
I will keep you informed of any further developments through this channel. However,  I kindly ask for your understanding in not disclosing my exact departure date, as I wish to fully disconnect once I return home.

I am truly looking forward to this next chapter.

Best regards,


PS: Due to emails received asking questions about the latest update: if you are affected by having your funds returned by GFM you would have received direct notice from them and are aware you had your funds returned.

So, if you have not received notice from GFM it is because nothing has changed for you. So don´t email admin asking if you were affected. Also note PLA´s will be processed at a later date.
Good point Bogor!
I also doubted that SCAMMER MIKE POULOS would be the writer of that so-called E65 Endowment65 update  Angry
Perhaps the Admin G or the Admin D are the responsible author of this spoofed text  Tongue 

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