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Mikes idea in year 2000
Hi Mike, 
I hope you see this article, even though it's in Danish, but then you can use Google Translate or an AI solution.

In short, I expect you to remember your own idea that anyone who lost their SIM mobile phone should receive an identical replacement within 24 hours through an insurance agreement.

That was in the year 2000.

But, as with all the other ideas you came up with, you didn't have the patience to mature and develop the concept. If you had done as I recommended, you would be extremely wealthy today, instead of a washed-up and failed swindler.

Just follow through with one of your ideas and don't worry about creating profit in the first 5 minutes. Let the idea mature, get it developed, tested, and ultimately realized. However, it may be a bit too late as you approach the expiration date.

Mikes idea in year 2000

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