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UPDATE MAY 25th 2023 - More insane reading
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I don't know exactly what's going on in the minds of criminals like Mike Poulos and his so-called admins.

It's as if they've completely forgotten the history and chronology. When you read the Q&A, you see that, first of all, nobody is asking about what started it all, namely E65 and the many Endovent insurance policies that were to be issued in the member's name and cashed out 6 weeks later. I wonder why neither members nor the criminals address this first. And why is that? Simply because E65 is the entire foundation of all Mike Poulos scams. If the members (around 100,000 at the peak of E65) hadn't contributed 5 USD per person, there wouldn't have been funds to buy worthless debit cards which generated a huge profit, some of which was used to develop the ComShares scam.

Admin Dumbass and G-man seem to NOT know a thing, and, like so many others before, Mike Poulos tell them what to do and say, and I doubt they realize that spreading lies and false information is punishable everywhere.

A ton, and as usual, completely useless reading material, not even one comma can be fact-checked. A sentence that repeats over and over is "The attorney will provide this information", but there isn't a soul alive who can verify if there is actually a law firm, and why should an attorney be used? There are NO E65 policies and therefor no insurance company, as mentioned over and over again, E65 is the beginning of it all.

If Mike believes in what is commonly known as RV, which includes Iraq and their budgets and which will make the Indonesian rupiah worth a lot of money (today 1 IDR = 0.00046 USD), those who believe in RV think that the rupiah will rise to at least 1 IDR = 1 USD, should seek medical attention immediately, but that's about the only way Mike Poulos will be able to pay back all the millions of dollars he owes to members around the world.

In my best conviction, Mike is in Canada to secure a retirement pension and once that's in place, we'll see Mike return to Bogor - if he dares, as there are still many people looking for him due to his last scam. The next scam is about AI :-)

In closing - I will still wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year i December 2023, where none have recieved a dime!!!!!!!!

UPDATE MAY 25th 2023

Dear Clients and Members,

Below you will find the long awaited FAQ page.

Please be aware that this is the most up to date information we have for
the questions that you have asked , however these may change in the
future as we move forward. For ease of reading, I will post any changes
to questions separately so that you can see at a glance which questions
have been updated. You will notice that many of the questions have the
answer that the Attorneys will give you direction when the time comes.
This means that we do not have a specific answer to your question but
the Law firm will be able to help you.
More questions and answers will be added as we continue toward closure
of the first phase of the payouts, namely the Bullion clients. These are the
clients involved in the five gold programs already spoken of.  E-65 and the
Traded Gold program will be addressed after the Bullion payments have been
made.  We are still waiting on word of the arrival of the Bullion funds to the
Lawyers escrow account.

I will update further when this has been accomplished.

Kind regards,

Admin D

Q:  I live in Singapore. Do I need to declare this income on my personal tax returns? If so, is there a specific form to submit for declaring this amount, or should it be included as part of the lawyer's fee?
A: It is essential to declare all income for tax purposes. The attorney will provide the necessary documentation to facilitate this process. 

Q: How can I determine the amount I should receive and the associated expenses? 
A: The attorney will provide this information. Regarding fees, they will typically amount to 10% of the sum you are set to receive.

Q: Will my payment be in USD?
A: You will be paid in your local currency unless you opt for Bitcoin.

Q: I contributed to Mike's 100x fundraising campaign. Will this be paid out concurrently?
A:  Donations will be disbursed when Mike receives his full payment for the Grams program. Additionally, any PLA will be paid after Mike receives funds from E65.

Q: As a European Grams member, can I consult the attorney for advice on a secure bank where I could open a new account to receive my Grams payout, given that my current bank is at risk of collapsing?
A: The attorney will be able to address any banking-related inquiries.

Q: When our investment was transferred to Grams, we initially requested a $2,000 withdrawal from the previous trading platform, but the withdrawal never came through to our account. Will this amount be included in the payout?
A: Yes

Q: I am planning to change my address and bank account.  Will this cause any issues with the Grams payment?
A: As long as the attorney can still contact you through email or other means, they will be able to assist you with these changes.

Q: How can individuals with pool accounts in Grams access their funds?
A: Those who have pool accounts or accounts under someone else's name can have their funds transferred directly. Since the names are already listed in the pool accounts, anyone with pooled account will be contacted by the Attorney.    They should inform the attorneys of their situation so that they can make arrangements for the individuals to receive their funds.

Q: Our family group has multiple members sharing one email address, physical address, and phone number for privacy reasons. We currently have 2 Ex Foundation accounts and 2 E65 accounts.  Can we handle the entire group collectively instead of individually when the time comes?
A: Each person must be addressed individually due to legal and tax considerations.

Q:  I donated to Mike. What about taxes?
A:  Concerning the repayment of donations, whether in fiat currency or Bitcoin, any tax-related matters can be addressed by the attorneys.

Q: Will any of the foundations continue to operate?
A: Regulations regarding foundations have changed globally. Individuals with a foundation will need to consult with the attorneys, who will provide guidance on the appropriate course of action.

Q: Can I receive payments in different banks or countries?
A: Please discuss this matter with the attorneys

Q:  Do I need to pay taxes twice?
A: Some countries do not have tax treaties with others. Taxes will be paid to the IRS in the USA before any funds are disbursed, and documentation will reflect this. If your country imposes additional taxes, there may be little recourse; however many countries have treaties that prevent double taxation.

Q: What about E-65 payouts?
A: All funds from E65, including the Traded Gold program and regular program, will be disbursed simultaneously. Once the attorneys have completed the Grams payouts process will begin with on E65. 

Q: I have lost contact with some individuals. Can I receive their payouts?
A: Payouts can only be sent to the intended recipients. Exceptions include cases where the intended recipient has passed away and you are the beneficiary, or if you hold power of attorney for the person in question.

Q: I owe back taxes. What can happen?
A:  Your tax authority may directly deduct the amount from your account or place a lien on your account for any outstanding back taxes.

Q: How should we declare the funds paid to us to the tax authorities? Will we receive documentation for tax purposes?
A: You will be provided with all necessary documentation related to taxes paid. Any issues you may encounter in your country can be addressed with your bank or tax office.

Q:  When will the law firm contact each member?
A: Once the funds are in escrow with the law firm, they will begin contacting members and clients. The timeline for this is currently uncertain, and initial contact will be made via email.

Q: I got married and chnaged my last name. How this will impact the process?
A: Inform the attorneys when they contact you and have supporting documents available.

Q: Will we be paid by cashier´s check or will the money be wired to our personal account?
A: Payments will be made through bank transfers or Bitcoin.

Q: Will all the funds be distributed at once?
A:  The attorneys will determine  and implement the most efficient method of distribution.

Q: What are the payout amounts for each different level?
A: For regular policies, the payout is USD $20,000; for key policies, it is $200,000. Referral payouts for regular policies across five levels amount to $1,000, while key policy referrals result in $10,000 payouts 

Q: Are all the extra policies that we purchased still valid and payable?
A: Yes

Q: Will there be time provided for those under us who haven´t submitted their video KYC details to complete the process?
A:  Everyone will have an oportunity to complete the KYC process. However, those who have not done so will be placed at the end of the line.

Q: I made multiple contributions with the understanding that I would be among the first to receive payouts. Will consideration be given to those who were promised early payouts in return?
A: Mike has provided a list of individuals who have offered assistance, and these people will be prioritized in the initial payment batches

Q: Will our anonymity and personal information be protected from our respective country´s authorities through the Ex Foundation?
A: Privacy can no longer be guaranteed in today´s world

Q:  In Sweden, as well as in many other countries, it is necessary to inform our banks when expecting a large sum of money. When should we do this, and what information should we provide to our banks (e.g. the source of the funds and the reason for receiving them)?
A: Inform your bank in advance of the incoming funds, providing them with relevant details about the source and purpose of the funds. The specific information required may vary depending on your bank´s policies and your country´s regulations. so it is advisable to consult with your bank for guidance

Q: I hope we receive the necessary information in time to submit it to our banks
A: Most countries operate in this manner, and all required documentation will be provided for you to submit to your bank.

Q: I am in Canada. Can I be paid out to a Credit Union, or do I need to have a regular bank account?
A: As long as your credit union has a SWIFT code, there should be no issues with the payment.

Q: Mike mentioned in 2022-01-24 video that there would be a website for updating addresses and email addresses. What is the current status of these plans? How will members safely update and verify their personal information?
A: All updates and verifications will now be handled through the attorney's offices.

Q: Will there be any wealth management assistance offered after the funds are disbursed?  Some individuals may be overwhelmed by the sudden influx of money
A: For accounts with significant amounts, such as $10 or $25 million USD or more, wealth management assistance is likely to be offered

Q: What happens in the event of a data breach?
A: One reason Mike has not disclosed the law firm's name is to maintain the safety and security of all parties involved. The law firm is expected to have appropriate data security measures in place.

Q: Who are the Admin and why do they only use an initial instead of a name?
A: Mike has insisted that the Admin do not use their names for their own privacy. They are Business Management Consultants and have years of experience in this type of work.

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