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Below an AI text that Mike has tried to correct and personalize, which is reflected in the spelling errors. Big Grin

And once again a pile of words that say nothing about anything, just as it usually is. In 5 days and 5 months, it's Christmas and I will send out my usual Christmas greeting and nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody has seen even a Russian ruble.

RV seem also to be a blabla

Enjoy the blabla  Cool I will enjoy my last week in Jakarta for this time.


Hi All,

This is just a quick update to let you know that the Grams and Gold programs are almost at payout. I had a long meeting with my lawyer on Monday where we mostly discussed the proceedings for the other programs. The wait has been long and arduous and I realise that you have waited the longest.

It was my pleasure to update the NDA clients this morning that their wait is almost over and that payout will start in a couple of weeks once the final accounting is completed and they will shortly receive their introductory emails from the law firm..
For you this means that E-65 is also one step closer.

In fact I am pleased to tell you that all the accounting has been done and all accounts have been finalised. This was a huge job and I am pleased to say it is ready.
However, we still do not have the funds transferred to the lawyers and this will take some time as we have seen with the other program.

Process of E-65 will begin once all the Grams clients have been processed. I cannot give you a time on this yet as it is unknown how long it will take.

Again I thank you for your patience and look forward to updating you further in the near future.

Best regards,

As always, DELAYS, EXCUSES and CONTRADICTIONS of all type  Angry

Do you remember Hong Kong? at that time, we were also "very close"...

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