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Once again, nonsense for gossip! A so-called politician's response, a lot of words but no concrete content. I think Admin D is Mike on ChatGPT because if you're an administrator, you know what's happening, especially what isn't happening.

A "funny" little thing is that you are no longer a member but a client now.

Legally, the difference between a client and a member depends on the context in which these terms are used.


A member is typically a person or entity that has entered into a formal agreement or contract with an organization or association to become a part of it.
Members often have certain rights and privileges within the organization, such as voting in decision-making processes, access to exclusive resources or services, and duties in accordance with the organization's rules and purposes.

Client Relationship:

A client is typically a person or entity that enters into a business or professional relationship with a service provider or advisor.
In a client relationship, the client may pay for specific services or advice and typically has the right to expect a certain level of confidentiality and professionalism from the provider.

So concretely, your rights as an E65 member are now reduced to being a client with fewer rights than a member.

Dear Clients,

The NDA  people have just been updated on their progress.  As we have mentioned many times before the E65 people will start process as soon as the NDA (Grams) group have been paid out.

This small update is mainly for the members here who donated to Mike via the GFM that helped Mike out when needed. These people will also be refunded at the same time or just after the NDA (Grams) clients are paid out.

All clients and members who have donated to GFM and are to be paid out in this batch will be notified of the sending address of the email from the law firm. If anyone gets an email before being notified on the Channels here, then you can be sure it is not from us.

This will be happening soon for the GFM people. I cannot give a firm time as we are waiting on the law firm to finish some beta testing.

Now would be a good time to check that your ID is up to date.  I do not know at this time, but will try to find out, exactly what the requirements for ID and KYC will be.  It is usually Drivers Licence and/or Passport. So if you need to update anything, now would be a good time to get these ready.

All the best,

Admin D
We are missing many voices in this e65forum. I wonder where Counsellor, Mezza, Mike's Némesis, and others are... Angel
(13-09-2023, 11:52 PM)american-e65-scammed Wrote: We are missing many voices in this e65forum. I wonder where Counsellor, Mezza, Mike's Némesis, and others are... Angel

I am still here, and I read this forum regularly. My last post was on June 23, 2023, so it has been a while. I will be here for as long as the forum exists.

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