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Dear dear Mike, do take care of your blood pressure.
You see, among the many differences between you and me, such as I do not lie, I do not steal, I do not swindle, I actually feel a bit like you, because I hope I am wrong and that one day you will be able to pay billions of dollars to all those whom you have swindled since 1989.

I know that in your world there is only YOU and you don't care, and words like friendship, honesty, and respect for others are terms that are 100% unknown and incomprehensible in your swindler universe.

If it helps you to try to push some of your guilt onto my shoulders, then just do that - I have broad shoulders.

And as I have promised you many times before. Let's meet in a courtroom somewhere on this earth - you decide. Then you come up with your evidence such as bank names, law firms, and other official administrative personnel.

Yes, I know it's not going to happen, and we all know that. Because it's only you and no one else behind ALL the many scams and begging letters you send out.

You should be ashamed, but you don't know shame either, all you are is a little pathetic lying thief and you will pay the price, but not to God, you do not belong there, and you end up much, much further down.
Here is a small "funny" video
Holy F#ck, this taxi driver is truly pathetic. I am on the ground laughing so hard trying to catch my breath after watching that masterpiece of a video.

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