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GDPR or Generel Data Protection regulation

This is words all in EU have heard a lot the last 6 month or so. Early this year I got certificated in GDPR, and want to tell that all living in EU, can contact Mike Poulos and demand to see what data he have registred, and to whom he may have shared these information.

This means that you, and with the law in your hand, can demand that Mike inform you in writting, who the bank is, who the insurance company is/was, what lawfirms and so on.

If Mike by all means refuse to handle over these data, then report him to your local Data Protection Agency. Fines starts with millions of Euros if he dont comply, as the GDPR covers the hole world. Also it covers data on regular paper, so Mike Poulos do NOT have one single excuse what so ever.

So if you want to know for sure - then ask for your data.

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