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Virtualsafebox Article - 73
June 20th Update
Results from my last trip

Hi All, 

Just back from Hong Kong. 

Way back when, several years ago when I told you all that the funds were converted into gold to protect us all and then later converted to HKD, I have to say that I was very surprised this week with what happened. 

Well, to be honest I knew a while ago but can only dosclose now. 

Back then, gold was maybe $10 to $20 per gram. Today, it is just over $USD40 per gram. 

So, what has happened with all this extra money? 

Well, here is the good news. 

I am not sure as to when the gold was converted from gold to HKD but what I was told is that when it was converted, there was about a 50 to 60% profit from the time it was pruchased to the time it was converted. 

What this means for all of you is that a huge part of these profits will be passed on to you. 

I do not have an exact amount but I was told that you will all be getting 30% to 50% more than expected. 

The rest is used for paying people that are working to get this all done. 

So, as example, you are expecting $1 Million, you will be getting from $1.3 to $1.5 million. instead. Hope no one complains about this. 

On an other note to be fair to all the members, the last few times I was in Hong Kong (HK) most of the meetings were regarding the members with the Exclusive Foundations. 

A lot of this was to do with investments opportunities that can only be given to the Exclusive Foundation due to the extra layer of privacy offered mainly because of certain governments policies. 

I am not able to share this info execpt to the holders of these Foundations. 

I know that many of you will be angered by this but I feel that I should let everyone know that there are avantages beyond the banking etc... 

At any rate, once anyone has been processed and then chooses to get involved with these investments, will be able to get these foundations but it will be at regular price that will be over well USD$ 20,000 and only after getting the foundation will you be able to get access to these investment opportunities. 

There is also a partial payout fund being made available so that these members may travel to HK and back home. 

Some of you may not think it fair and I can appreciate that but it is the way it is. 

Now, for the main update. 

This trip was to arrange the banking for all the members with debit cards, regular foundations and also for the members that will be getting a cashier cheque. Before banks can send out signature cards, banks need to know who they are sending these too. This is also in part why your ID was needed. If your ID was not sent, then you have to wait till all this is done. 

How many cards issued to members, who gets the cheques, getting the foundations ready for the documents to go out in the packages. Getting the banking documents also ready for the packages etc...... 

Please understand that with the thousands of members still active, this will not be done in a few days or weeks. It will take a while to do. 

All other documents are done. Packages are already made and ready to go. 

(If you need a change of address, this will be the last time you can do this) 

As the banking docs are sent to the office in HK, they will be getting ready to ship. Once shipped, please do not delay in sending back signed and supported with any other info needed. 

I must also stress that members that have supplied the ID online a few months ago will be getting processed as soon as all docs are ready to go. 

Members that did not submit ID will be getting an other set of documents needed to send back with proof of ID before any banking can be arranged. 

Please do not request to submit your ID as it is not possible at this time. 

In the mean time, if you wish to refresh yourself with the past updates, please feel free to do so. 

Forms for the following are still open: 

Change of address: 

Exclusive Foundation 

Members with Exclusive foundations will be invited to HK to process the documents in person. All expenses will be paid for as explained on the email updates to the Exclusive Foundation Members and as above. 

On my next trip, all forms will be closed and no more change of address will be accepted. 

Since March, 2018 when the change of address was created only 214 members have made a change so this is good and we do not expect too many more to change, 

I will not be expecting to make an other trip for a while for regular program business as the banking needs to be done first. 

However, Exclusive Foundations will be processed faster as they will do all the docs needed in HK. 

There have been banking trips in the past but this was the final trip regarding the account and signature cards etc... 

On a few other notes, several members are asking how much they have coming. The best way for you to get a rough estimate is to go to your back office and caculate the amount of members in your downline. 

Other members have been asking to speed this up as they need the money for what ever reason. As I can appreaciate that WE ALL need the money, things can not go faster than they are. Sorry.... 

In closing, please remember that all is being done to get this done as best as it can be. 

Once there is more news, I will be happy to share. 

Thank you, 

Big Grin 
Exactly as usual, there is not a single factual news  Smile
Its kind a fun reading. Nothing solid just a lot of blablabla.

In an earlier post I told you about the GDPR. Hong Kong, Indonesia - the whole world are forced to follow the EU laws when it comes to GDPR.

If an american company register anything that can be connected to you as a human being, then they have to follow the regulations , like all data must be encrypted and safe, and upon request be returned, deleted or informed if you data has been shared, and if so, to who. This goes for electronic data as well as data on normal white paper.

In Mikes latest update he clearly state that your data is placed in an unknown bank, we know that all started with E65, so an unknown insurance company also have all your data, and last year when Mike wanted to send something out to unknown lawfiirms, then your data is stored in unkown amount of unknown lawfirms (who again can share your data with who ever). Also Mike Poulos handed all data over to the socalled team, who may have your data (hehe) at last Mike Poulos have all data (and the hackers), so there are many ways to claim that the GDPR is followed and that you have all the rights to know all info.

The fines EU operate with are in the area of +16 mill euros and up, or 4% of a company turn over, and again based on the latest update, then Mike will face fines in the area 200 mill euros - unless he share your data path with you as a EU citizen.

This is ONLY EU citizen that can demand to know.
Why don't we just club together an pay someone to go over and have a chat with him. We need to hurry up or he will die of old age or Gout by the time anything is legally don e.
(20-11-2021, 01:24 PM)borneo Wrote: The group 8 is dragging and prolong the payout so that all members die. They would inherit the wealth. The compliant costs $10 million could be a tactic for this motive. Well, if Mike is smart, he would have appointed legal executors in case anything happens to him or members. An executor is a person named in the will to administer the assets and carry out the last wishes of a testator.
Most insurance company has a clause for nominations of inheritance.

However, like I always said, we have not seen any insurance policy, be there in group or individuals. Why the endowment sum is hidden from the insured or owner  of the fund? Why members are not requested or required to nominate the next of kin.

Because there are no policies, no insurance companies, no banks, no team, just Mike Poulos and his private account in HSBC bank.
A member asked me what kind of personal data I have on those who registered to this forum.

The answer is;

1) I (and all users of this forum) can see the IP address 
2) I can see your chosen username.

That is all I and admins can see, so we have no knowledge of who you are, as we don't have your real name, address, phone number, email-address or anything that can relate to you.

The reason that I don't know, and don't want to know is the GDPR laws, and since I am in EU then I could face a HUGE fine if I was caught in having person attributable data lying on a server or PC. So I don't  Blush

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