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Latest news from Mike
Hi All,
Was not expecting to do an update before the end of month but here we are.
In a few days, the site will be closed.I would suggest that you download a new gene file before that happens as there were a few people that had dissapeared and came back so there was a little work done on the dB. It WILL NOT DELAY anything but there may be a few changes on a few of you and when I say a few, maybe 10 or 20 members.
Ity is for the better, not the worst so anyone that has had changes made will be presently surprised.
OK, I am exoected to go back to HK in the first or second week in Nov. Final sutff I need to do and also sign off on the final updates on the dB.
Yes, each time there is a change in the dB, I need to make sure it is for real and need to sign off on it.
I guess that is it for now and once I have more news I will post.
Hi All,
A few final adjustments were made to the dB. It is now closed totaly and has been sent to HK.
I would suggest that you all get a new PDF of your records as this is the final results.
For most, there are no changes. A few and I mean a few have some changes but they are mostly in a positive way.
There are also a few PDFs that for some reason were not made and these are the Angel ID numbers that need to try to download them.
453913000 RP
453913001 JR
559875291 MG
305337979 CDG
275810594 AH
028518529 GB
691294000 BP (or AP)
883370570 RC
654753852 PY
736105851 MP
295606543 WM
778192516 DZ
448810839 MS

Basically, just another blablabla thing, as no one can check if he really travels to Hong Kong. I might be dead wrong, but wasn't all his trips to Hong Kong for making foundations, now the whole database (DB) with all your personal data is sent to a bank in Hong Kong?? ANyone ever heard about the Panama papers? I am very happy that my data is not sent around the globe and not knowing who on earth have all my personal data. ID theft and what not, and all Mikes blabla about security - we all know he got hacked big time and several times.

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