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so all is rich on november 12th
Hi All, 

by Nov 12th, all will be closed for good. No more extentions.

Data base is closed and no more checking is available from today and onwards.

We need to go forward and even that there is always a few changes coming in each and every day, we need to put a stop to it or we will never go forward so from today on, please do not ask for checking this or that etc...

I will be going to HK again by the week of the 12th and that will be my final trip.

No more Change of address, no more foundations etc.... and so on after the 12th of Nov.

I am sending these messages one by one, it isnot normal, I know but I am putting all my thoughts together on this to make sure I do not miss anything so please forgive me for the mutily text

Yesterday I sent a text to you all that there is no more updates but guess what? A few still came up so Nov 12th is the final day for any and all things.


"Nov 12th is the final day for any and all things."

Final day where Mike will hide or final day where all E65 members get their 20.000 USD + 20 years interest and 5 levels downline fees?

I know what I will answer :-)

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