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YesItsMe again
Playing behind a VPN isn't the same as you cant be found. Just saying, furthermore placing a post in this forum shows IP, Username and TIME!

and funny enough there are no "IWillcomeafteryouandyourfamilypaytheprice" emails - when its nighttime in Bogor  Angel

But of course it isn't Mike playing like an idiot, it the tooth fairy and all will be rich in tops 14 days  Big Grin

As much as I do miss spending time with Mike, then he is just a plain idiot  Cool

I will guess that some few hours and we will see another hilarious email from the tooth fairy. 

But it will be deleted again, and again, and again, all I have to do is push ONE button, then vupti, post deleted, user, email and IP banned. One button!  Big Grin

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