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I have sent Mike to....
Many of us know that when the kids don't behave, they don't get candy, will be grounded and sent to bed early. Mike was the smartest he said, and he did pity me and so on, but now he can sit and play with his VPN toy and wonder why he only can read and not post.

I don't mind that people call me names, after all, I do open my mouth from time to time and call others for names but I don't call people thieves unless I am sure that I won't end up in a lawsuit and risk paying a ton of money for slander. I don't thread people or their families with words like "your family will feel what's coming.."

Mike has for some years ago threaten to stab me down with a knife as he was pretty sure that he knew where my apartment in Jakarta was located. I wasn't afraid at all, for many reasons and maybe mostly because I never had had an apartment in Jakarta, and at the time I was in Denmark. However, my concern was what if there were a white guy living in an apartment and got killed because some believed it was I? I reported it to the Danish police who send the report to Holland who sends it to Jakarta. I am sure nothing happened but the lesson is I don't accept threats what so ever on any life. I have promised Mike a black eye - it's not a threat - its a promise and it won't kill him.

Anyone can type basically whatever they want, but don't say that I stole the E65 money, first of all, Mike took in the most of the money between 2005 and 2011 a time frame where I wasn't with Mike as I left him mid-2004 and he ran out of Jakarta as money was low, so low that he couldn't pay my salary, and the months before the break up, I had to accept a 50% cut in my salary. I'm not blaming Mike here as it was me who was stupid not to have made a solid contract with P.T. Imbicom as the firm was named. But what the heck, I trusted Mike, just like so many others did before me.

Regards Mike´s post - his last one - says "And yes, me and my friend have JUST returned to Europe from Denmark again. Zapata is STILL in Denmark, doing what he does best as the WORLD'S best."

First of all, when you lie, do make sure you have the facts straight. When you make a post here, the IP address is logged. So you can see from where the post comes from, however, if you do like Mike did, and hide behind a VPN, then you can cheat the forum and it seems like you are coming from another place.

The few days Mike have posted his stupidities he has been in India, USA, Holland, France, UK, and Sweden, but not one single IP address from Denmark. Above the text very clearly says he returned from Europe from Denmark, in other words, he left Denmark and now he is in Europe. As I said not one single IP from Denmark and another little thing, Denmark is placed in tatatatataaaaha you guessed correct - in Europe.

And Zapata he is still here - In Denmark doing what he does best. I guess the best Zapata do is sucking his fingers equally long.

Now 2 weeks to mid-November or 6 weeks to mid-December and 7 weeks to my best holiday wishes to all  Angel

bedtime is coming up so sweet dreams to all.

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