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Im still alive and...
Some one said that after november 15. then all should have been paid otherwise Mike would be considered as a fraudster. Now I know he is a big time scammer and liar so nothing new there. Ratata or what ever Mikes invisible friend name is, have still not been around my house  Big Grin Next important date will be december 15. but guess what, it will the same posting  Tongue

But according to Mikey boy new so-called update then nothing will happen this year. BIIIIG Surprice - NOT!

Anyhow below the latest "news" from Mike, but let me stress out that if you dont have a ton of money then you really dont need a foundation, on the other hand Hong Kong is an exciting town  Angel 

"Hi Everyone, please be advised that the server is now closed and not more fixes or updates to your accounts will be made. The server will be offline  withing the next few days. The only communications will be made from here. 

There will be a new email address that I will send from here in the next few days that will only be monitored once or twice a week just to reply to questions you make have.

Emails asking to update or fix, or change will not be replied too.

For the past few months, there have been many people coming back asking this or that and these have been foxed or done. We need to move forward.....

In the next few days, all other google forms will be offline as well. There are a few that have Ex Fdtn that are still in process and they will also be taken dione in the next few days. Anyone sending confirmation for the Fdtn after forms are offline iwll not be processed and a refund less fees will be provided at a later date. If you have not compleated your Fdtn, please do so without delay.

Normally I would send a seperate text to Ex Fdtm Members but I do not see the need to do so tonight.

I am looking at my next travel before the end of the month to HK. 

I am also looking at the Ex Fdtn Members to travel 1st too 3rd week of Jan 2019 to HK. There will be 3 trips, 30, 45 qnd 60 day advance notice for all of you coming to HK.

Anyone not coming to HK from this group will NOT get the card mentioned before..... 

Video chats with the agents in HK will be available for Ex Fdtn Members.

Anyone coming to HK will be in a life time surprise....

This is beyond what I have already shared.

All for now.

wow what if they actually go in january ???

will we hear about it ??
No Not likely

Whoever ''They'' are

has anyone who comes here actually bought one of these foundations
(18-11-2018, 03:12 PM)scandoz Wrote: No Not likely

Whoever ''They'' are

has anyone who comes here actually bought one of these foundations
I was wondering the same thing.
It is Christmas soon and Mike need cash, so what he do now is to plant, so that he can harvest = make the few fools left send more money for some worthless and useless foundations, unless you have a few million dollars to play with. And if you have that kind of money, then you would never ever have a former limo driver to take care of a single dime of yours  Rolleyes

Either way, you dont show up in HK, Mike have a way out by saying no one wanted this, all is lost. After all that is how he closed ComShares. Just waited for the right moment and as soon the bomb went of in Spain, then ComShares was closed with an explanation that the stock market died. In fact not much happend on the stock market at that time.

By sending out old "jokes" and pretending that there several members who supports Mike, he just try to hide the fact that it's actually Mike who has to pay you and your foundation, and not you that have to spend money on something you do not need - unless you have a ton of dollars.

"Ratata" and Mike tries hard to enter this forum and spread more crap, so I guess that I wont get a Christmas gift from Mike and his fantacy friend "Ratata".

28 days to december 15th ;-) but who cares Mike all ready said nothing wll happens this year :-D
Money was demanded when you signed up for e65 and promised only a nominal amount.
Money was demanded when you submitted another member's form to verify and confirm e65.
Money was requested when Mike was hospitalised.
Money was requested for borrowing to Mike and promised to pay back multiple times.
Money was demanded for debit cards to be issued.
Money was demanded for payout again -The fee is $30 or 24 Euro per bank draft (per policy). - Policies NOT PAID are considered FORFEITED and will not be paid to you.

Money was demanded if you receive debit cards by courier service.
Money was demanded for puchase of normal policies.
Money was demanded for key policies.

Money was demanded for normal foundation (you dont need one unless you have usd5 mil). An INDIVIDUAL TRUST cost US$ 300 , and a FAMILY TRUST cost US$ 500. Make the payment to Liberty Reserve account U0269595 (VSB TRUST).

Money was scammed for foundation by this email (We know that we have told you before that no more payment will be asked, but that was before we learn about this and now this is a MUST in order for you to receive your payout). - Trust is a MUST. You cannot expect your payout to come as cash in your mailbox. Checks will get FROZEN by bank if they do not come from your Trust. Trust comes with various ways to access your funds : debit card, check, bank wire. Send $200 to our Perfect Money account number : U5161174 (E65 PRIORITY). Write your full name or member ID in the memo. LAST CHANCE : Members who would of paid by end of DECEMBER 2014 will receive their payout package in January 2015. If you do not pay by the deadline, you will NOT GET PAID.

More money was demanded for exclusive foundation (you dont need one if you have already a normal foundation)

Watch out for the package - more money will be demanded.

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