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Keep focus on......... and POA
It is funny to see how focus changes from "you will recieve 20.000 usd in 6 weeks!" to BUY a (worthless) foundation. There is NOT ONE SINGLE place where Mike tell you that HE will insert funds in a VERY expencive (worthless) foundation.
The process should be:
1) pay out the 20.000 usd + referal fees
2) decide if you want a foundation
3) IF you want a VERY expencive foundation, then you can insert the rest of the money from Mike.
Now here is the catch - YOU will NOT get a dime from Mike, but mike will most likely make a dime on each foundation formed and the more expencive the foundation is, the more Mike gets, and as it has been like that the last 20 years - and once again you will be butt fucked!   Angel 
Read and know more,  Idea one sentence the article is "Get expert help at the outset. You’ll need a lawyer and/or CPA to help you set up a private foundation" and you can call Mike a lot, but you cant call him expert in anything, except an expert in scamming people.   Rolleyes

Anyhow below a lot more than a ton useless and at the best - crap  Big Grin a little thing is Mike wishes a great week, no wonder it will take a week to read the BS  Cool

Regards the PDF file you have to download and fill in - before you start thinking "why Mike put in sooooo much work into it, then know its just a free form from the Internet with a few corrections and red text to make it look like its a Mike production.

One last thing, all the text below have some +40 errors, both spelling and grammar - the POA file has none, in other words, Mike did not write the POA  Dodgy

You can get it by clicking here  


Hi Everyone,

Power of Attorney (PoA) is ready, I will send it here after this text.

So you all understand, you only need this PoA if you are allowing someone to take care of your funds.

If you do not have someone taking care of your funds, then you **DO NOT** need this PoA.

If you are going to be Attorney-in-fact for someone, then will need to fill out all pages required and get two witnesses and have it signed and chopped by a Norary.

The person giving anyone Attorney-in-fact powers must show up at the Notary's office with these forms as well as the Attorney-in-fact.

**There are no two ways about this**

If a minor in involved, then both parents must aggree to the PoA where one parent will have the Attorney-in-fact powers and the other giving the Attorney-in-fact powers to the other parent.

The PoA is very simple to fill out.

There are two copies on the PDF file I will send you.

The first copy is the ewxact same as the second copy but has **RED BOLD** text as to what you should be filling out.

All is very easily explained...

If there is anything about this document that you do not understand, you should ask a lawyer to explain it to you.

One last note:

Effective Date of the PoA will be Jan 1st, 2019....

A date was needed and will only be in effect once and after you have submitted to the agents in HK after you have sent in your documents...

I still do not have a date as to when packages are being sent but you should have this PoA done by the time you have your package and send it back to HK to be processed.

FYI, I received the final copy of the PoA last week but I wanted to make the instruction page and I had sent it back and it was approved for me to send today so here it is.

Have a great Week,


And it goes on and on and on and on........

 Always additional questions so here are a few answers.

If you are going to be Attorney in Fact on a PoA from an other member and they live away from you, have them fill out the PoA, get them to have it witnessed and notorised and then send it back to you. At that time you sign with a notary on your end. this should solved that issue.

Many are asking if family members have to also get a PoA. Yes, it is the same as you going to your childred's bank and asking for access to the account. The bank will not give you access unless you have a notarised PoA to do so.

If you have any legal questions, please check with a lawyer....

If it is all too complicated for anyone, then do not do the PoA.

Also, there is NO WAY that you will have access to any funds from others, family or not without a PoA. Even when Family foundations were first offered, PoA were discussed then. This is to protect everyone. There are legal issue at hand here and there is no way around not having a PoA to access control....

Let me put it an other way. If it was possible to have someone's funds without a PoA, do you not think that someone out there will try to get your funds by saying, Oh, he or she said it was OK so give me the funds.....

If you are wanting access to your Ex's funds, you need a PoA. The funds legaly belong to your Ex.... If you want control oif your adult childern's funds, you need a PoA as they legaly belong to them.... Even with the family foundation, you still need the PoA.

Please do not make this complicated.... Everything is in plain black on white with RED BOLD Instructions to make it even easier.

For the past 4 hours almost I have been answering tons of emails with these questions and I was to go to bed 3 hours ago. Here it is not 2am and I am going to bed after this update.....

Again, any questions regarding the PoA, please check with a lawyer as I am not a lawyer or the author of this document. I am here to pass the info to you.....

If you do not wish to contact a lawyer for what ever reason, then wait till you get your package and ask your questions then by contacting the people that will be listed for contacts regarding the program... I am sure that they will be happy to answer all your questions but do remember that they will answer your questions but may not right away as they will have a lot of people to process and it will delay your processing. They WILL NOT delay everyone for anyone's questions......

As for tomorrow, any PoA or any questions regarding the program that I do not have answers for, I will refer you to ask after you get your packages to the people taking care of your packages.

Good night for now.


I just don’t get what his end game is. He shut the site down, maybe made a few bucks with foundations. Why keep it going? If he really has nothing to pay people has to end it soon.

And how are people in contact with him? Did he give out contact info?
(27-11-2018, 02:54 PM)E65plus20k Wrote: I just don’t get what his end game is. He shut the site down, maybe made a few bucks with foundations. Why keep it going? If he really has nothing to pay people has to end it soon.

And how are people in contact with him? Did he give out contact info?

Maybe 2 - tops 3 who has a direct contact with Mike, and be sure of one thing, they Kiss his ass big time, otherwise Mike wont spend time on them. One critical question and they are out of the loop.  

End his game? That game ended years ago, but you have to understand that there is Mike, then God, so he cannot lose face and he will rather die than to see I'm right!

And since Jeff has the same IQ as the waiter from Barcelona in Fawlty Towers and "know nooothing", then Mike need to keep Jeff in the loop in order to have a Database running. Furthermore he needs to keep Jeff as his useful fool as Mike have no idea regards IT.

And when the IT part collapse, then all can blame Jeff. Its Jeffs fault as he ruined the database and Mike can wash his hands, not to mention if IRS look at all the money Jeff has received over the years, then Mike also can wash his hands and say "it wasn't me".

Foundations - all collapsed due to the lack of members who didn't buy a foundation, all funds are locked in a foundation program and now we can't get the funds out etc.

Be sure of one thing, Mike is looking for a back door so he can close his nightmare, and have it look like it is my fault, or your fault, or Ratatas fault or Jeff, IRS, banks, you name it - any excuse that will sound possible will be used.

Just remember one thing - Mike has not spoken about ANY payouts but wants you to spend money going to Hong Kong, spend your money buying a useless foundation (unless you are loaded with money) and also remember he took in a ton of money when he sold the useless ATM cards from Bank Bali, in fact, it is the very same business model he is using. Now it's not a useless ATM card, but a useless foundation!!!!!!
Just got this message in my mailbox Cool and just my point of view. Through the years Mike spend tops 5 hours per month on E65. Creating POA takes tops 15 min :-)

"Hello Jorgen,

just trying in search engines what to appears regarding Power of Attorney...  and I am amazed to see how EASY it is to create a new one, there are many templates and free online creators...."

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