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Watch out for more money demanded
Money was demanded when you signed up for e65 and promised only a nominal amount.
Money was demanded when you submitted another member's form to verify and confirm e65.
Money was requested when Mike was hospitalised.
Money was requested for borrowing to Mike and promised to pay back multiple times.
Money was demanded for debit cards to be issued.
Money was demanded for payout again -The fee is $30 or 24 Euro per bank draft (per policy). - Policies NOT PAID are considered FORFEITED and will not be paid to you.

Money was demanded if you receive debit cards by courier service.
Money was demanded for puchase of normal policies.
Money was demanded for key policies.

Money was demanded for normal foundation (you dont need one unless you have usd5 mil). An INDIVIDUAL TRUST cost US$ 300 , and a FAMILY TRUST cost US$ 500. Make the payment to Liberty Reserve account U0269595 (VSB TRUST).

Money was scammed for foundation by this email (We know that we have told you before that no more payment will be asked, but that was before we learn about this and now this is a MUST in order for you to receive your payout). - Trust is a MUST. You cannot expect your payout to come as cash in your mailbox. Checks will get FROZEN by bank if they do not come from your Trust. Trust comes with various ways to access your funds : debit card, check, bank wire. Send $200 to our Perfect Money account number : U5161174 (E65 PRIORITY). Write your full name or member ID in the memo. LAST CHANCE : Members who would of paid by end of DECEMBER 2014 will receive their payout package in January 2015. If you do not pay by the deadline, you will NOT GET PAID.

More money was demanded for exclusive foundation (you dont need one if you have already a normal foundation)

Watch out for the package - more money will be demanded.

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