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The lateste "update" .... or so...
Once again a lot red wine nonsens and I serioulsly doubt that Mike Poulos have been in HK what so ever. By the way I just came back from my winter holiday - we spend 3 days at the most expencive caribian cruise. Basically none can say its not true, as none can confirm it. Anyhow we were not on a caribian cruise.

Below a lot of nonsens once again, and the most stupid part here is that a bank like HSBC holds back financial instruments that in fact will be a good business for bank. A bank that holds 6.000 OR SO funds (if any) back in order to look up your adress hmmmmmmm.

Anyway here it is. notice Mike states "Quite a bit to say...." and then a lot of blablabla, nothing about where is your money :-)

Hi All,

Back form HK.

Quite a bit to say so here I go.

First, just over 6,000 plus packages are ready to go. From that 6,000 just over 2,000 will have the complete package for these members and you will need to send back what ever is required.
The other 4,000 or so packages are just letters requesting you to confirm your identity before you get a full package.

Those of you that have already confirmed your ID will get the full package. This was when there was the email and google form for you to do so. Those of you that DID NOT confirm your ID will only get the letter requesting you send your ID to Hong Kong.
So, these packages are ready but we are not expecting them to go out till March or April and I will explain below.

There are still many members that still had accounts, about 8000 or so confirmed. The people in Hong Kong still need to confirm addresses for many of these from the update contact form and other means.  They have put a time limit till end of April for that.
Other than the update contact form, they are also verifying all addresses as there are many members using one address with different family names. This needs to be done to avoid any mis deeds by anyone.

Also, many will be coming forward after members have received packages and as human nature, many of you will be sending emails to Hong Kong saying that so and so did not get a package and this is who they are and this is where they are etc.... All these members have to be taken care of also and the more that they get, the more work will be needed in Hong Kong.
I know that there will be some of you that will complain to either me or someone else asking why if there are already 6,000 ready now are not sent now? Well, as I said, packages are ready but there are still others to do and they will all be sent at the same time.

On the last update, when I mentioned that they were 75% done, they were, on the 6,000 packages. It was then decided today when I was there to help as many people as possible to get the packages done for as many people as possible.

Sorry for anyone not happy with that but that is the way it is going to be. Think about it if you were one of these people we are trying to get done also but because you were not in that first 6,000, you would be lost.... We are trying to do everyone here in one shot.

Just for anyone really complaining that this is not fair, please think about my reply if you email me or anyone else.....

Once I have more info, I will share here.

Thank you


MIKE will ask for more money before end of April

Suddenly there are 8000 more members to process ahahahahahaha

Scam alert scam alert
Mike will reopen the form for 8000 members to sell the exclusive foundation.. is never ending story. That's how a scam works.

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