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New update
So here is the convenient new excuse,that there are riots in HK and Mike is to scared to travel,and it could take months for it to settle down
The travel agents are no good and cant be sorted,Geez give me 48 hours and ill have it done with the best deal available
Travel agents would be falling over themselves to get the business and many offer best price guarantees.How hard can it be
This really is an ongoing lesson in scamming and delusion for us all
Lets just say for a minute it all was true,it would still be beyond belief how they are stalling, delaying so as to suck more and more interest payments for the funds that would have been sitting there for many years.Theyd all be rich just from this

But of course lets not kid ourselves,its just Mike and his delusional world that we are all following

Ps,there does not seem to be many members who come here to this forum.I wonder Mike who are all these people who contact you


Hi All,
              I have not yet received any further updates from HK nor any further information regarding my pending trip there. The current protests are of quite some concern to HK residents, business and visitors.There is no telling when that issue will be resolved and things return to normal. In the past some riots and unrest have gone on for months!
In the meantime we will just have to hope that its over before I need to be there.

Of the many things there are to do while I am in HK I expect that one of the main tasks will be to shortlist the list of travel agents who are suitable to arrange the travel for the Exc Fdtn group.
I have mentioned previously that early enquiries within the travel sector showed that some agent were keen to load prices well above the norm so we will need to select a firm who are capable and realistic in their pricing.
It is a complex task coordinating international travel and accommodation for a group as large and diverse as this one.

Obviously I will be trying to obtain a travel date and an indicative date for the distribution of the packages. With all the changes to the contents of the packages it will be interesting to see how this part of the project now looks and how far advanced they are.
Hopefully decisions have been made about how the packages will be distributed and progress has been made towards being ready.

Soon it will all be the Chinese fault
Mike you little shit. I took the liberty to call SAS in Copenhagen, I explained that I needed x amount of travelers from all over the world to hit HK with a max time frame on 24 hours from the first person landed until the last person landed.

0 - 10 travelers minus 5% of normal ticket pricing
10 - 50 travelers minus 15% of normal ticket pricing
50 travelers and above minus 20 - 35% of normal ticket pricing

Copenhagen - Hong Kong with SAS or Singapore Air

all including a hotel room at Radisson Blu Hong Kong in a superior room for 5 days/4 nights, that should be enough for the fools who got all the way to HK figuring out that you are full of it.

Radisson Blu Hotel Chongqing Sha Ping Ba

Total cost 1.031,50 USD normal cost, then minus discount based on how many fools left to join you buying a totally worthless foundation.

All travelers must provide a valid passport and a valid visa.

Mike din lille fis - it took me less than 15 minutes to arrange, send me the fool list and I will have it done for you, fast and cheap (just like your sexlife).

I'm really looking forward to seeing the next brain dead excuse from Mike.
well they probly aint here for multiple reasons

still sayys a bunch of nothing, whats an update if it doesnt progress from the last time u posted scrub

oh and by the way, someone's contacting him because he gave emails from peeps however many updates ago
they probably don't know and/or care about this place to entertain the ghost town of an echo chamber this is
Does anyone here in this forum, know the contact emails of Mike or Jeff? Why can't members be allowed or encourage to post messages in telegram group?
(27-06-2019, 05:22 AM)borneo Wrote: Does anyone here in this forum, know the contact emails of Mike or Jeff? Why can't members be allowed or encourage  to post messages in telegram group?

Mike flies under the radar as he doesn't want to be contacted. It's hard to come up with new bull shit, that in fact just create more new questions :-)

Jeff is rather easy to contact, but the answer will always be "I don't know, I don't have any information". However, Jeff DO know, he just doesn't want to tell the truth - that Mike and he have scammed all for decades.

Great summer to all, the next 4 weeks will be in Jakarta.

/J aka Bogor
someone is contacting him tho he sent emails before of people. in the chat.

so it's just a matter of going through the chain
(28-06-2019, 10:06 AM)muzifa Wrote: someone is contacting him tho he sent emails before of people. in the chat.

so it's just a matter of going through the chain

There is no chain, no team(s) - just Mike Poulos.
(29-06-2019, 04:59 AM)muzifa Wrote: really not sure what your trying to say there ,but its obvious its Jeff they have contact with,which may or may not get sent to Mike
learn to format lmao that was my reply not what i said

also, if this team supposedly doesn't exist and it's only mike poulos, then why is there even a jeff? and why would he have so easily picked them out?

idk logic fuck up there

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