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New update
(29-06-2019, 07:27 AM)scandoz Wrote:
(29-06-2019, 04:59 AM)muzifa Wrote: really not sure what your trying to say there ,but its obvious its Jeff they have contact with,which may or may not get sent to Mike

Muzifa don't get it, and due to his language he is banned for 2 weeks, I simply won't accept that stupidity. There is Mike Poulos - end of story! Jeff is doing what Mike tell him to do and get paid for those jobs, and it has been like that since 2002.
y'know, i have contact with muzifa hes a good pal o mine

and because of your wide banning he can't even see the supposed warning u sent him

haha what?

he gave me a script of the message too. debate the logic, if its only mike poulos, then who is jeff and why's he involved

there's some team involved if it's more than one person so use the right words

also, plans change, before u ask

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