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Mike try to warn you
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Ohhhh Mikey is smart, now it's not Mike anymore but I or HK and us. seems like Mike trying to replace the responsibility. In fact I'm sure that this Singaporean company is a hell lot more trustable than Mike ever has been.

It doesn't make sense that Mike try to warn you that a John from HK has called and then refer to a link from a Singaporean company with branches in EU, USA, Australia, Hong Kong. At least it is a legit real company!

Either way, unless you got a ton of money then Mike´s foundations are 200% worthless.

Hi All,

A short not to advise you that this is going around and I or HK has nothing to do with it.

+852 6610 8298
"I am John from HK office" "Do You need our company services?"

If you have received this, please know that it is not from us.

Any communications are at this time from me only via this channel or the Exec Members channel.

If you have received anything and have a dount, then best you ignor it or contact me or Jeff if you can not reach me.



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he puts his name at the bottom dipshit of course he still claims it as himself

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