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Few really cant understand simple english
Few in here believe it's okay to call me names, use sarcasm and what not.

The only person, members are allowed to call names is Mike Poulos!! I won't tolerate members calling each other names or other ugly use of any languages.

This means that I neither won't tolerate being called names, asked to go fuck myself or sarcastically called genius.

Now as I said a few believed that they were above these very simple rules, and for that reason, they got a fair warning, send to them privately. Unfortunately, they just continued and even they were warned about being banned - the went on.
now they are banned for 2 weeks.

If they feel they still can behave like that - then the next step is a permanent ban.

Now if it was up to me, and only me, then this forum was long gone (the same place as the money all sent to Mike) and I didn't have to spend time with something that should by now be clear as crystal - there is no money, no teams - just plain nothing. If you can't live with that very easy conclusion then start arguing - but with respect.

You call me names, I will find even worse names - but not in here, in private messages.

So debate, scream and shout but treat all with respect.


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