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Så træt jeg bliver....
More of the same none saying crap 

Hi All,

OK, I got notification that HK will arrange for my travel soon.

There is a group of people that needs to be there at the same time and they need to arrange it so that we are all there at the same time.

I have not been told how long this will take but it can be as fast as a few weeks to maybe a little longer.

Once I have more news I will share with you all.

In the mean time, sending me a text asking me how long I think it will take, I will not be able to give more details than I have here.


Which group of people will be there?
All are scammers are scheduled to meet and discuss how to scam more money. The financial interest earned from members' fund belong to the respective accounts holders. The longer waiting time, the time value of money I e.interest is accumulated in accounts of the holders. They want to siphoning out of the fund to these scammers.

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