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Virtualsafebox Article - 74
July 7th Update
Many asking...
Hi All, 

Many are asking about the Exclusive Foundation and the advantages. 

There are a lot of advantages since the foundations are quite different than the Individual and Family foundations by the way they are being set up. Just one single small profe would be nice, so basicly its still just blabla!

Just to be clear, there is nothing wrong with the Individual and Family foundations. 

Most of what you can have with the Exclusive foundation I can not mention in public. Yes you can as any foundation must be reported to the tax officer in your country!

However, I can say the following: 

You will be getting a return ticket to Hong Kong and Hotel provided. Yes AFTER you send Mike money that covers your ticket and hotel, and in return you MIGHT get a worthless foundation!

You will have a loaded debit card with a certain balance that will be disclosed if you get the foundation. Note the last 5 words in this sentence "if you get the foundation.".

Funding for the travel and hotel will be taken from the debit card and the balance will be yours to take home. Cool

There are several investment opportunities available that can not be given without this extra layer of protection offered with these foundations. There is not extra layer of protection!! In Eu many of the countries paid for "the panama papers, "the luxemborg papers" and so on - there is not a snowball chance in hell that Mike will be able to pay out billions of dollars without any tax system will know about it. In these days the rumor goes that Vietnam Dong and Indonesia Rupia will explode in value, and off course Santa will deliver in a green dress!

I can say that some of these include Building / Property Management Investments, Several different investments in Gold one of which will be announced tonight to the Exclusive Foundation Members. Take a lookat the AFG Exclusive Foundation - no secrets there, property, gold, all kind of investments. But why do you wnat to invest? You get millions of dollars soooon  Big Grin

Total and full banking access direct with banks including unlimited bank accounts connected to the foundations, debit cards connected to these accounts, secured credit cards debited from the accounts and home country banking. By home country banking, this means that the bank in Hong Kong has branches in most countries so you will be able to deal direct in your home country with the bank in Hong Kong without having to go there in future. Not a word about those countries that dont have HSBC private banking tools - just saying.

You also have full internet and mobile banking with this bank.

You must remember if you make transactions at home, you are not as protected as if you are in Hong Kong and this IS NOT a way to avoid taxes. You cant avoid taxes and Mike is in fact trying to make you do some that is not legal at all!! So IF there were money and IF you were avoiding taxes, and the tax office found out - then you wont be able to say that Mike said so. You will face huge fines and maybe even a visit in prison.

This pretty well explain most of what you will be getting and I hope that this answers all the questions you will have.

For anyone getting these foundations, there will be a 30 to 60 day notice for travel.

Upon confirmation of your getting the foundation, you will receive an email from me to confirm receipt and will be placed on an email list regarding any update about these foundations and investment opportunities and there are more coming.

For members that are not getting these foundations, there will be investment opportunities but they will be limited.

For anyone wanting to get a Exclusive foundation, either a new one or upgrade from the one you currently have, please go to: great Mike so damm secure to use a free tool that is lot more easy to hack than your computer. Data here isnt encryptes and every single letter in the GDPR is violated - just great Mike!

I am planning to get a call to go back to Hong Kong by the end of the month. Upon my return, all forms should be removed.

Any change of addresses can still be processed at: 

Next update will be posted upon my retun.

Thank you

Once again Mike had an evening where he didnt know what to do, so a lot of blablatook form in his head.

Word for word you realy didnt get one solid information - as ussual.

Those of you that have residence in EU can DEMAND to get all information regards who have your data. In that way, you will know if you have a foundation, an insurance (E65) and so on.

I´ll bet you that Mike will never send a single letter - witch gives you the chance to report Mike to the EU Data Protection Agency. Fines are measured in litterary millions of Euros.

Anyhow - take care out there and have a great summer.

Best regards
Jorgen aka Bogor
What is AFG Exclusive foundation ?
(18-07-2018, 02:24 PM)Meliodas Wrote: What is AFG Exclusive foundation ?

Can you put its link here so we can check it out.

Its just one out of 100s - if not 1000s of financiel institutions that offers the same as Mike. Use Google and you will get so many hits. I just took the one of the first that offers foundations. AFG Exclusive Foundation, is the name of the company.

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