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New Update
As crafty as an old fox,get people believing that they will get even more money and appeal to the greed thats in all of us
lets see if he asks for more money

Hi Guys,

Sorry took longer than expected as always.

What I can only give you for now is for VSB members, all these years of waiting is coming soon to be compleated. Now, I do not have a date and if I did, I would not give it sp please do not ask.

What I do have is this.

All VSB members will be getting more than expected. Why? Interest on the funds....

In the past, many have asked about the interest and i have always said no as I did not know for sure.

Anyhow, I do not know the amount but I do know that it is componded so what ever it is, an added bonus.

For Ex Members, a seperate update will come.

Once I have more news, I will share.

Another "OR SO" E65 Endowment65 "update" from SCAMMER MIKE POULOS...

As always, complete lack of precission regarding dates, nothing specific...

It is to be noted that SCAMMER MIKE POULOS avoids to call the program E65 or Endowment65 and instead now plays with VSB (and later can re-use plus20K)...

Another Merry Christmas for 2023.... sorry for 2019 year

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