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Just some information.
Indonesia is a country with lots of red tape and corruption - you got funds, you can get what you want - no limits what so ever.

However slowly but sure Indonesia starts to control its infrastructure when it comes to taxation. Just like many other places in the world companies (many places also privates) have to self-report income in order to pay correct taxes and the Indonesian national bank, Bank Indonesia or in short BI, wants to know how much money the company has sent in and out the country. 

In other words, if Mike really had a company in Bogor, he would have to tell the authorities just how much money E65, +20k, VSB or whatever name he call his scam, have in HSBC bank, so IF Mike really had a company then he also, and down to the last cent, knew just how much money he would have to pay each and everyone - including interest.

Remember Mike "fired" the so-called Team a long time ago, so there is Mike and no one else, means that Mike knows all regards laws, rules, and numbers in Indonesia.

The link shows the letter all companies receive from BI in order to follow laws and taxation. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


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