Mike Poulos many scams

PT Imbicom´s Compensation Plan - here you needed to first pay a 100 us dollar, then a fee on 20 us dollar per year, for that you would get a webmail at Mailpond.net and a debit card in gold. The smart thing was that Mike poulos was controlling the main account in this off shore company so once again it would be the same as asking the wolf to look after the chickens. This was a pyramid that never did anything else than provide Mike Poulos with some more us dollars. 

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None of the above seems to be connected to E65/Plus20k/VSB but on some of the first websites regards E65, can we see the Mailpond logo, so Mailpond aka PT. Imbicom Compensation Plan aka Golden Eagle aka GlobalySecure aka Gold Visa Card Plan is so connected to E65. In other words all the first scams was used to start up the E65 scam.

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