Mike Poulos many scams

Many believe that Helen is for real, in fact she is not!! Mike Poulos fancy MAC computer got hacked and here are some picture of the screendumps the hacker have send to us.

First 2 pictures shows Mike Poulos mailbox, shows that he sends emails to DHL, HSBC and E-Force Service (Hanzel Kao´s company in Singpore, but controlled by Mike Poulos)

 1 Please note that on the right side on top, just below DEAR ALL - it says SENT FROM MIKE´s mail acount  

 2  It is also very clear that Mike Poulos and Hansel Kao are co-working on the inner circle project.

The next 2 pictures shows that Mike Poulos is the author of all "Helens" emails send out to the members3  

The last page shows the VSB extended menu where you can see there an automated function sending out a confirmation email to those who lost their hard earned money. 4


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