Mike Poulos many scams

PROOF that the program is NOT REAL. This is Mike Poulos's account at VSB. You can see for yourselves that he does not even bother to write his address. Why ? Because he knows there is NOTHING coming, EVER. And the so-called "foundation" ? You would think that Poulos, who has the BIGGEST payout coming, would have one IF it is REAL. But NO, he has NO foundation !! HE KNOWS NO PAYOUT IS COMING, EVER !!

And, IF the "team" is real and "Helen" is real, Poulos would have Helen's contact info in his address books, right ? Guess what. There is NO "Helen" in his address book. NOTHING AT ALL. But he has contact info of the "team", oh yes. HANSEL KAO, "BETH" and VIZAL FEPWARMEN, the "REAL VSB TEAM"

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