Mike Poulos many scams

Many believe that Helen is for real, in fact she is not!! Many also believe that Mike Poulos have a team behind his scam, but fact is he still uses Jeff Gordon, Hansel Kao and used Elisabeth Marsch - another well known scammer.

The VSB Hacker have once again shown us his huge generosity by releasing these 4 email conversation between Mike Poulos and Jeff Gordon, Mike Poulos and Hansel Kao and finally between Mike Poulos and Vial.

Some will remember that as late as in 2012 Vial stated that he did not know anything about Mike Poulos past and the E65, this here shows that Vizal is as much full of shit as Mike Poulos and Jeff Gordon.

 1 Mike and Vizal

 2 Mike, Vial and Jeff Gordon

 3 Mike and Vizal

 4 Mike, Vizal, Hansel and Elisabeth

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