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Season's Greetings to All. - Mike's Nemesis - 04-12-2020

Soon we will be receiving season's greetings from Jorgen and another confirmation that no one has been paid. 

But also a special cheerful greeting to Mike - here's wishing him a speedy end to his mortality and a one way ticket to hell where he will burn and suffer and scream for all eternity. At best, that is the least he can expect. And hopefully Jeff Gordon will be following on his heels.  

 And as Mike reads this he will be planning his next pathological lie - it's becoming more difficult for him to make new pretenses at immanent payment. No one believes a word he says - he had a stroke recently so his wine induced brain cells are struggling to conjure more fantasy payments. But that does not prevent him from trying - a new update is eminent but it will be more of an update on the state of his mind rather than on any payment.

It's taken this buffoon almost 6 months and counting to verify 2K selfies. The so called "team" (probably consisting of Mike and a half brained assistant) can only manage to verify 8 selfies each per work day. So to eventually verify the rest of the members will take another 2 years. The truth of the matter is that these selfies go directly to the waste bin never to be heard of again. 

The only true statement Mike has made about the selfies is "If someone prefers not to upload, that is 100% fine with me
I really do not care if you make one or not." There you have it - for 2 decades he really does not care because there is no payment ever.

RE: Season's Greetings to All. - Bogor - 05-12-2020

Well said!!

RE: Season's Greetings to All. - american-e65-scammed - 07-12-2020

Angry while E65 Endowment65 members are still waiting for the next EXCUSE or CONTRADICTION from SCAMMER MIKE POULOS, or perhaps before will come his typical annual Christmas salutation... Dodgy
most of us are wondering about the multiple uncontinued announcements that SCAMMER MIKE POULOS has been doing over the last few years...  let's list them here

*the alleged payouts that were going to be started from Hong Kong and were "cancelled" or "on hold" because of the riots and demostrations that happened then.  Although the financial transactions never stopped during the violent facts even after they were finished there was no word from SCAMMER MIKE POULOS as to why E65 payouts never commenced...

*the bank and Foundations packages that were "ready to be sent" Blush  during 2018. Would be nice to know what the allegued banks did with those 10K packages.... not an ecological measure if they were thrown away Sad

*the trip on First Class to Hong Kong for the Exclusive Foundation members....

*no evidence of anyone having a Foundation, either the standard or the Exclusive one

*agreement "almost closed" with Paymaster

*the unvisible and untangible "team"

Not to be forgeted is the useless Bank Bali debit card that SCAMMER MIKE POULOS mailed to all of us during 2003 year, for which we paid 45 Euros and was never funded by SCAMMER HANSEL KAO and SCAMMER MIKE POULOS   Undecided

RE: Season's Greetings to All. - Mike's Nemesis - 08-12-2020

Yes we are indeed waiting for Mike's season's greetings - should be a good laugh as usual but one thing we can be sure of is that there will be no payout ever.

However we should not forget to wish Jeff Gordon good Christmas cheer as well. He really needs it – the man’s life is on a knife edge. He suffers from heart disease, blood pressure problems, diabetes and a bloated belly full of corruption. Lets wish him a swift journey to the Gates of Hades where Dante says “Abandon all hope, you who enter here”. Repent Jeff before it’s too late – tell us how you have participated and profited from stolen money.

And not to forget Becky Poulos – her life too is also about to teeter out. Her blood is so polluted that she has to have an oil change every so often. Just imagine how knackered she is - her body cannot produce normal healthy blood. With Mike firing on a half brain since his stroke this happy trio of thieves will be meeting their maker soon. My bet is that Becky Poulos will go first and leave Mike with half a brain to take care of the family. Just imagine the fun.

RE: Season's Greetings to All. - Mike's Nemesis - 08-12-2020

Just to be clear because Jorgen has pointed this out many times over the years. All the endowment policies, key policies, foundations, exclusive foundations, bank accounts, agents, the team, lawyers, the gang of eight, insurers, etc. are nothing more than words on paper. There is no truth or value to any of these. All exist purely in the ether – there is absolutely nothing substantial. It is all conjecture.

Mike has used a pretense of payment to fleece the members of their funds and has used these funds purely out of self-interest. No one will ever receive any payment from Mike whatsoever. And we know what Mike has done with our funds as Jorgen has witnessed the wasteful spending spree Mike has been on for the past two decades.

The trouble with stealing is that it is not free as Mike believes. We cannot get our money back as Mike has spent it, we cannot institute legal action – in fact there is virtually nothing apparent we can do. But nature has its own way of executing retribution and we can only watch from the sideline. One would expect that after stealing so much money the thieves would have a wonderful meaningful life. However just the opposite is true.

As pointed out in the previous posts, the thieves Mike, Becky and Jeff are not having a good time concerning their health, so really what’s the point of stealing when it brings so much misery. Sick people do not have a good time and this trio of thieves are paying the price. And all we need do is clap from the sideline – how sweet the retribution.