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Demise of a Bum
It’s been eerily silent from the big bum half brain Mike Poulos – must be too busy figuring out how to craft the next pretense at payment and that can’t be too easy considering his state of mental health. But sooner or later the pretense will end – Jorgen thinks he will blame others or circumstances which may happen. Or most likely will end when he meets his maker in the underworld of thieves and liars.

If anyone recalls many years back Mike said that if he died the team or the lawyers would ‘take over.’ And by ‘take over’ is meant the updates as there is nothing payment wise to ‘take over’. But as there is no team nor lawyers we cannot expect ‘take over’ from anyone – in fact there will only be profound silence and no Mike Poulos ever to be heard again. He might already be dead, there’s no one to inform us – just a thought.
It will cost a minimum in the area of 25 - 50.000.000 rupiah equal 1.800 - 3.600 USD to bring Mike in front of a judge in Indonesia. It is a lot of money, and Mike will NOT end up in jail (but in hell later on) or get any legal punishment as the case is way too old, some that Martin and I were told years ago when the Indonesian police laughed hard at us for being that stupid to enter E65 in the first place.

So the only thing that can happen in an Indonesian courtroom will be that Mike will be forced to prove that the so-called team exists, written documentation of co-work with law firms, banks, and insurance companies, not to mention prove that there are funds. 

We all know that he won't be able to do so, as all is a scam and money is long gone decades ago.

Now there is no way that Mike Poulos or his partner in crime Jeff Gordon can come up with any documentation what so ever, and that is the very same reason why Mike Poulos never will come after me for slander or anything else, and since he is a little shit, then he won't come after me physically. 

It is not for fun when I post in here when I'm in Jakarta, I mean if he really wants a pillow fight I will definitely show up :-)

Never the less, may all have a great weekend.

@Mike Poulos you little bum, just want to let you know that every 12th hour a small PowerShell script runs. This little fine tool removes all the fake applies for being a member of this forum, the log tells me that 134 attempts have failed, so just go on with your stupidies, I don't care, in fact, its fun to see the log from time to time.
One can almost hear Mike's half brain straining and his blood pressure rising trying to think up another dead update. It seems no one is asking him for an update any longer - why would they when we all know there is not going to be any payment ever. The only thing apparent in the updates is that he is still miserably alive. And for many members who have been scammed and lied to for two decades that is not a happy thought.

Here is a factual update on the Selfies which you will not get from Mike.

June 26, 2020
E65 update,

Hi All, you will need to do a selfie video and upload it to:  

It is almost 8 months ago and approximately 150 work days and the verification of 2K selfies is still ongoing.  However Mike has found a short cut to deal with all these selfies - he puts them all in the waste bin never to be resurrected again. And the 8K members who still have to make a selfie - well that will never happen so you are spared the worthless effort.

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