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  Hello, Members of E65 / VSB Program.

My name is the VSB Investigator. I have TONS of evidences that Mike Poulos has SCAMMED all of you for the last 14 years.

In my possession, are evidences (bank records, transaction records, all communication between Mike and his helpers) that if be given to authorities,
they WILL arrest Poulos, prosecute him for fraud and liquidate all his assets and refund you all your money. The authorities here are the Canada, Singapore and Indonesia governments and police force, including the INTERPOL.

Right now, they are LACKING evidences. But a REAL investigation, being done by REAL authorities, is currently ongoing. You can contact them yourself to verify if they are real. This is an official letter from the Singapore authorities :

Dear Sir,

Please note that we do not have sufficient evidence to prove that the company bank account and company have committed any criminal offence.

A predicate offence has to be established and it appeared that to be from Indonesia. In the event that the Indonesian authorities requires assistance from us, we will assist.

Thank you.

Shen Yihui
Investigation Officer | Maritime and Investment Fraud Branch
Commercial Affairs Department | Singapore Police Force
DID: + 65 6557 5498 | Fax: +65 62207795| E-mail: Shen_Yi_Hui@spf.gov.sg

What they do not have is EVIDENCE. I HAVE ALL OF IT.

My evidences show that there is NOTHING behind the "E65" or "VSB" Program said by Poulos to be "real". All there is are proofs that Poulos simply took your money and SPEND it. I have all records of all emails sent and received by Poulos for the last decade, his address books, phone records and much more. NOTHING showed that he has made any contact with ANY insurance company , bank , facilitator or law firm.

I have evidences that show how Poulos has spent all your money for the last 14 years. PHOTOS can be viewed in links below. In a glimpse :

- Before 1999 : Poulos fled from Canada as he was wanted for a scam. He fled to Indonesia, a country that has NO extradition agreement with the US or Canada, and a country where law and police can be BOUGHT with money.

- In 1999-2000, he started his "E65" scam. Poulos collected from $5 to $20 from more than 100,000 people.

- In 2001, he collected cash mailed by you to him at Bangkok, Thailand.

- From 2002 to 2006 , he collected money from all of you for "Key policies" and "debit cards" and "deposits". He sent you all dummy debitcards from a bank
that now no longer exist. With all this money, he started his own business called BEMICOM and BEMICALL. That business is now bankrupt, like all his other ventures. This include COMSHARES, where some of you lost a lot of money with. Remember ? They have disappeared.

- In 2007 he collected money from all of you for "Foundations" and more debit cards. Which never existed. With this money he started "SEAPAY", which of course now is also bankrupt. He also moved to the island of Batam and bought
a very big house there.

Why all his ventures are bankrupt ?

Because he spent all your money on houses, luxury cars , 5-star hotels,
expensive wines, women, first-class tickets and expensive computers and phones.

In 2009 he is broke again and need another excuse to collect money. He claimed he "quit" and hand over everything to the "team". And of course,
he collected $25 per CA from all of you. By now, all of you would have seen that Poulos CAN access the VSB website which he claimed he cannot access.
Those messages are now deleted but you all would recall it.

Then, he tried selling 90,000 "unclaimed policies" to all of you and because you
 all paid for it, he had "buy 1 get 1 discounts" and all of a sudden he has 90,000 more "unclaimed key policies" to sell.

At this point, he had collected so much money he started another business
"HMV Bullion".

You would remember because in 2010, he sent you updates practically every week. Check your "Internal Mail" records. There were more than 50 updates
that year. But ONLY ONE UPDATE throughout 2011. Why, you ask ? Because Poulos and the "team" had been busy with their new business HMV Bullion
which opened early 2011. Of course they didn't have time for your "updates" and "payouts". Poulos bought four luxury cars with your money, including a black Hummer.

Now, his business is again, almost bankrupt. So now, he is preparing to collect even more money from all of you.

In a few weeks, he will register yet another new website to "update" all of you and maintain the illusion that his "program" is real.

It is just a new domain, paid for less than $20 a year following all his previous domains :

From 1999 to 2005 : www.e65.co.id

From 2005 to 2009 : www.plus20k.com

From 2009 to today : www.virtualsafebox.org

Now, will you let Poulos get away with this ? Don't you want your money back ?

I am a professional, not a member like you. I do this for a living. I have made an arrangement with Jorgen Garlin. If I can have a payment of $50,000 , I will
submit EVERYTHING , every evidence that I have on Poulos, so that he and many of you can go to the authorities with real, hard evidence.

All of you have sent him lots of money over the years, what is another $25 or $50 to finally bring him down and get him too jail ?

I will tell you what could happen. With my evidences, the Canadian embassy in Indonesia can blacklist Poulos's passport so he cannot escape. Jorgen
has been in contact with the INTERPOL in Indonesia and the authorities of Singapore. They can and will freeze all Poulos accounts and arrest him. His assets will be seized and sold to refund all of you. Because I have records of how much money each of you has sent to him.


If you still wish to be hostage to Poulos and his "updates" for the next 14 years, do nothing. Keep sending him your hard earned money. But if you feel
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, then participate to make this happen.

Jorgen Garlin will help and assist you to make sure that your money will not be stolen (again). You can send money to him and he will guard it until the amount is enough to buy my evidences. He will disclose his contact info, his home address so that you can be assured that your money will not be misused.

I have also made a Liberty Reserve account. I have made this account balance public, meaning you can see how much in the account at any given time. Before the total reach $50,000, I WILL NOT TOUCH ANY OF THE MONEY.

Once the total reach $50,000 and I can access it, I will send all my evidences to Jorgen Garlin and he will make it all PUBLIC for all of you to SEE. He will also go to the Interpol and arrange how you call can testify to being victims of this scam and finally see JUSTICE SERVED.

If you wish to see CLOSURE, then spare another $25 or $50 and let's make this happen.

For Liberty Reserve, send any amount to this account : U0733684 (VSB Legal Fund). The balance is made public and you can see the balance anytime at : http://www.libertyreserve.com/en/services , click INFO and enter the account number. I will not touch a cent until enough funds is collected.

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