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It's so sad that it's hilariously funny.
It can't possibly come as a surprise to anyone that there is a delay because there has been one since March 1999!

Mike, if you're waiting for the RV and think that the RV can save your sorry ass, then you're 70% dumber than a piece of plywood. The RV is as credible as your E65 because the RV is also a scam.

1 rupiah does not turn into 1 US dollar, and I'm sorry to be the one breaking the news to you.

And to everyone else, there are more delays coming, and even though it's summer vacation here in Jakarta, I have no issues with my Visa/Master Credit Card whatsoever, so that's probably the lamest and most ridiculous excuse (lie) I've heard in a while.

Great holidays to all - also Smelly Fish.


Hi All,

There has been a delay in the transfer of funds that are for the first phase of payout. Please NOTE this is nothing to do with E-65 nor the Traded Gold.

We have been waiting on these funds for some time and they were due this week. However it seems that there is a delay due to the holidays in the US and here in Canada as well. We are hoping for the transfer to be completed by next week.

This update is for the wider picture and it does not involve E-65 at the moment. The only benefit to you is that once this first phase is done, the lawyers can move onto the E-65 process.

Can you please keep the emails to my Admin at a minimum as they are down with flu at the moment. They already serve you 7 days a week, so I ask for some understanding at this time.

When the first transfer happens, you will be updated soon afterwards. Constant asking will not make it happen any sooner. It is totally out of my control and I have to wait along with everyone else.

My understanding is that the GFM payments will be included in the first phase however I have no information on how this will be approached. You will be updated when the time comes.

I appreciate your patience at this time.


There will be another delay for the Christmas of 2050...  after the Merry Christmas greeting  Big Grin

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