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E-65 Registered Members: Note from Admin:
I took my first IT course in 1987 and have been working with IT ever since. Today, I am a senior consultant at Denmark's largest IT company, managing 38 specialized IT technicians.

I copied the text from the so-called Admins and projected it onto a large screen. Everyone burst into laughter because you'd have to search very far to find such nonsense.

I can locate a person if they are on a closed network or if they log onto a closed network via VPN. However, since this is not the case with the many scams developed and run by Mike Poulos, it's only possible to track you down if you use your real name in connection with the email address you registered with Mike in the first place.

So, dear admin, I have one word for your ridiculous threat - BULLSHIT!!!

We are now approaching the conclusion of this process, and have known for some time that one or more infiltrators, including someone named Rhys, are disseminating update information to certain forums.

This action is in direct violation of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) signed years ago. If you have any knowledge of the identity of these individuals, please contact the admin immediately. We will then notify the law firm of this breach, allowing them to address it in an appropriate legal manner. Any information received will remain confidential.

Please also note that we have knowledge of all persons who are members of these forums. Don’t think that hiding behind a username and burner email will protect you, there are ways for us to know who you are. These people will also be dealt with accordingly.
Note to the socalled Admins

I get my information from several people and none of them are members in this forum. So no you wont find any, and stop believe that scamed people are stupid, just because they trusted Mike Poulos the king of scams!!
Thank you Bogor for your comments! 

it is so obvious that SCAMMER ADMIN  D and SCAMMER ADMIN G  are trying to discourage any comment in this forum Confused , they want us not to participate in the forum and that is the reason why many folks are not getting involved being fearful of the threatens coming from SCAMMER ADMIN G  and SCAMMER ADMIN D

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