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E65 Update from Admin on November 13, 2023
I will soon send out an early Merry Christmas to all - the last one. Then it will be up to Admin if this forum needs to be open. Just to remind all - I have told you all since 2005 :-)

E-65 Registered Members: Please click on the link below: Then start reading the below update.   
It is an admin approved link for any possible future updates, you will have to wait until I let you in.

UPDATE November 13th 2023
Response From Admin

The Truth as We Know It

Dear Clients of Grams and E-65 Members

It is with a heavy heart that we write this update. The events of the last few weeks have weighed very much on our hearts because we have come to know many of you personally and have helped many of you in organising your accounts and other details. It has been a pleasure to know you and now it is very painful for us to update you with this.

The last two video updates have left enormous holes in the story and my inbox this morning is a tsunami of dear people wanting to know the truth.
Mike has cut off communication with us and we have been personally battling with what we have discovered that has caused this separation.

I feel that now is the right time to tell it as Mike would seem to have washed his hands of everything, including us. We have given him every chance of a proper response but this mornings video defies belief.

It has been 3 months since Mike told us the funds were in the Lawyers Escrow account and delays because of KYC set ups. Behind the scenes we were being questioned daily about why this is taking so long to start processing.

Mike told us that the funds in the Escrow account were still in the New York account not Canada. That was a shock to us as we had been told that they were in Canada already.

The greatest fear was always going to be the transfer from the US to Canada. We searched back into updates to see if Canada was mentioned because if the transfer had not occurred then why was the focus shifted to KYC set up.

The KYC process was now dragging on past a reasonable time frame and funds are supposedly still stuck in the US.

A red flag appeared when Mike returned to Indonesia in September. He had always said, “I will not go home without my money”. For years we heard this and then he goes.
He told us the lawyers had given him some funds to return home and that the process would continue.

We had little to doubt him. We were told not to tell anyone and we didn’t, however it soon became evident as he was spotted in Indonesia and videos were taken and appeared in various places.

He was reconnecting with his family which we thought he was entitled to do and had lavish parties for his daughter’s birthday and then for his wife. Then more celebrating for his anniversary. He then did an enormous renovation on his rental home, something we thought strange but conceded that things are different in Indonesia. All of this is documented by photos he sent to us.

We could then see by his demeanour that he was just getting on with his life and it became harder and harder to pin him down to the subject of payouts.

We told Mike this is sounding like months away and you told us we would all be made whole by Summer. We advised him we need verification so we can tell the membership we have spoken with the Lawyers and find out what the facts are. If there were going to be further delays, they had to be confirmed by the lawyer himself on a zoom call.

Mike agreed and he set up a meeting on the 20th of October. We got prepared and waited for the allotted time. Once Mike was connected, he would share the link. We waited an hour and a half but the Lawyer did not come to the meeting.

Mike said he had just received a message that the lawyer was not able to make the call. We thought it a bit strange, but Mike said he had rescheduled the meeting for the following Monday morning his time. We were satisfied with that.

It came Monday morning, and I texted Mike to ask if a link had been sent for the meeting. He said to check my email. I did and there was nothing there. Mike said he had been given a link and he sent us his link.  
When opened there was the name of the lawyer clearly shown. I was happy with that as the lawyer we had been told was Mikes lawyer was clearly shown on the Zoom link..
(I have a photo of proof of this call.). We waited again for an hour and a half. Mike said he texted the lawyer to see what the delay was and got no response. Then Mike announced he was going to bed and we thought that something was really wrong. Admin G told Mike ,

“ No , you are not leaving, we need to sort this..” This was not acceptable and to stand us up twice was not on. So Admin G told Mike he was going to call the lawyer. Mike mumbled something like he would check tomorrow and then was gone.

I want to make it clear that nothing was ever done behind Mike’s back and we told him that this time we were really going to call them.

Mike went to bed and Admin G rang the lawyers phone. We only had to go to his site to get the number. There was no answer and a message was left on his private number.

Undeterred, Admin G emailed him and said that we were still waiting for the call if he wanted to join in and say hello. He explained briefly who he was and that we were waiting for him on Zoom.

The lawyer answered after a few minutes via email at 10.42am his time .

This was his exact reply…

“I have no clue what this is about and I do not know a Mike Poulos. Who gave you my contact info.

His email shocked us to our core. While we were still struggling with his answer, ten minutes later he emails again, very likely after googling Mikes name and seeing all the bad press there.

“Is this another scam XXXX
 ( Admin. Gs name redacted) are you trying to commit fraud again?”

This time I wrote to him and explained we had been Mikes Admin for 3 years and were told that you had been engaged as his lawyer for the purpose of paying out a large fund.

I also said that we had been told that you had an agreement to deny Mike should anyone ever call about him. But I asked if he could just confirm that he really was Mikes lawyer.

He responded the next day with this..

Oct 24th: “ Stop this nonsense. I have no clue who you or Mike are and these communications are being reported.”

I think that G and I just sat and stared at the wall in disbelief. We were absolutely stunned. This was incredible information. What on earth were we going to do. Saturday was a blur for me. How could we have got this so wrong.

The next day Admin G asked Mike for a video call, not unusual we did them often. We told Mike that we had been in contact with the lawyer. The question was put to Mike, “ Why did the lawyers respond that way.. what is going on”.

Mike sat quietly and said he would call them and sort it out, then he was gone.

We had to live with this news for ten days before Mike finally got back to us with the story that he was being pushed out and had been offered a bribe to step away.

He swore us to not say anything and that he would not forgive us if we did. Again, we have the evidence for this. He also very alarmingly admitted to us that he had falsified the Zoom call, something we suspected. We were devastated to hear this but he said he did it to buy more time as he said he could fix things.

We did not want to put in jeopardy anything and ruin it if this was true. But it was fast becoming clear that this was all false, all of it.

Over the years it has always been difficult to get full disclosure from Mike. We have been given tiny morsels of information and have had to make up updates with this to appease the clients. It is not how I like to work but we accepted that was just how Mike works.

To give you an idea of our own trust in Mike, long before the GFM programs were run, we extended the mortgage on our house, sold a vehicle and my horse float and a large trailer to help Mike make ends meet.

When it became clear that this was not enough to run two households the idea of a GFM from members support could get him to the line.  
The first one I ran in my own name and my bank account. I think it only raised about $6k, I cannot remember now.

Then came the second one and then Mike ran the third one with the promise of 100:1.

I was happy to help Mike and had absolutely no idea of what this would lead to. My confidence in Mike was related to you and you believed because of me. That is something I will have to live with. This is why I now have to tell the truth. We are both Christians and lying is not part of who we are. It is abhorrent to us.

We were in contact almost daily with Mike and had built up a strong bond of friendship with him. You cannot be involved with someone on a day to day basis without this happening. We shared family pics and he showed us what he was cooking and life seemed normal.

We have good reason to believe that our contacting the lawyers was the beginning of his downfall. He knew that no one would dare to do it behind his back but there came a time that it became necessary as there was never any evidence given.
With Mike admitting to falsifying the Zoom call we can only wonder what else he has faked. I know this will come as a huge shock to everyone as it has to us.

When the first video appeared recently, we were horrified. There he put to everyone what he had sworn us to secrecy over. It was incomprehensible… nothing made sense.

We have never been aware of anyone who would or even could put a program like this in such jeopardy. There had never been any talk of it at all. Mike was happy and of good cheer even when home with his family recently.

Now on the second video you can see he is a broken man, he knows the game is up and his poor excuses are incomprehensible.

For him to insinuate that the lawyers are behind this is a grave move as if the lawyer in question were to see this it would lead to prosecution for libel and slander at the very least.

For this reason we will not disclose the name of the law firm because I am sure there are those who would seek to verify this for themselves and cause a lot of damage to all.

It would seem that the law firm is an innocent party in this saga.

No professional of this calibre would be involved in take over bids and threats of bribery such a Mike has said. It defies belief. This is one of North Americas top law firms and I cannot believe they would be involved in anything like this.

If Mike can prove that this is the case then I challenge him to reply with some verifiable evidence. Without it this is, all hearsay.

We have given Mike ample time to respond to this and now in this morning’s video he seems to be walking away. Totally given up.

We are at a loss as to why this has happened but feel the cracks may have started with us contacting the lawyer. He cannot justify what they have said as we gave the lawyer opportunity as well to tell us the truth.

It was clear they knew nothing. Now we are confronted with a story of bribes and mistrust and secret deals. This has to be a ploy to shift the blame away from himself and onto others that he won’t name.

If there is any truth in this, I wanted to give him the opportunity to let us know but he remains silent.

I understand that this has also raised more questions and the most important one is where are the Grams funds that everyone invested.

There was a large amount of money there and now we do not know what happened to it. Clients paid Mike from their own funds, hundreds of thousands of dollars into the supposed trading of the program called Grams. I have no knowledge of where these funds went and there is only one person who can answer that.

Most of the above information concerns the Grams clients. But that said, Mike was going to pay out all the GFM payments from his own portion of the Grams payout. Now of course there is a huge question mark above that too.  

As for E-65, I do not know much about that. From our perspective it has been far from Mikes mind in recent times and as you know the push was on to get the first phase paid out and then the lawyers would move onto E-65, so we were told.

The partners have mounted an investigation of their own and I will update you any news from that angle should it come to hand.

We no doubt, will have to stand down as Admin but we will be here for a little while longer unless Mike deletes the support email.

If that happens and the channels also disappear, it is not by our hand. That said, he cannot delete the NDA channel as we created it, and he cannot delete it himself.

I understand there is a lot to take in here and this news will cause untold heartache for so many people. The ramifications are enormous, and we know the huge blow this will be to so many people that put their faith in Mike.

This update has been very hard to write but we have to tell the truth as we know it. I am sure Mike has another truth but he has to prove what he is saying is true. For now, I pray that you will take what we have said in good faith.

We remain,
Yours most sincerely

Admin D and Admin G   
I am heading to south east asia early December so I will miss your Christmas greetings. Merry Christmas Jorgen.

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