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April 2019 Update - No Good News
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Hi All

I was expecting to do this by tomorrow evening my time but I got the go ahead today so here we are.

OK, so, the packages are all ready to go out.

Any change of address to be submitted should be done here:


Please do so without delay. This form will be removed without notice. If you have a change of address after this form is removed, sorry but too bad.......

Before the packages go out, Hong Kong needs to make sure that there will be no issues with Customs in any country.

What this means is that they need to check with customs pretty much world wide about the packages.

There are banking documents, debit cards, foundation documents and believe me, your country of residence will want to see what is in these packages.

Yes, they will know what you are getting but we did mention that taxes etc was not out problem.

People with foundations, Individual and Family, you will be fine as long asd your funds are over seas. We did say all along that when you take funds hiome, you will be held responsible for them.

To avoid any problems or issues, the shippers will be checking with all of your countries regarding the documents you will be receiving.

This is the world we live in today and by far, it is not fun for any of us.

For anyone wondering why this is needed, well, here is the explanation:

All snail mail, courier or any other packages going to any country will pass customs in your country. There is no way around this. (Feel Free to check on this is you wish)

So, to avoid any unpleasant surprises, it was decided that Hong Kong would advise each and every country of what they are sending out, +DOCUMENT WISE+ so that once they arrive, there would be no issues.

If there are issues, we will know in advance and will be able to work with them to be able to send out all the documents.

You may say that "Hey, I have sent out documents many times and have never had a problem" I would agree with you but I would also ask you if you have ever sent pout 1,000's of packages at one time? 

Love to know the answer to that....

At any rate, we do not expect any issues but then you never know from some countries and I will not mention them.

Things have changes in the past 10 to 20 years or so and it take much longer to send a document overseas.

One example, I sent a simple document to ST. Louis in the US last week and it took 7 days via FedEx... Use to take 3 days. I also sent one to NZ the same day and ot took 6 days to get there do imagine over 14,000 packages going out.

Years ago it would of taken 3 to 4 days at most...

Now, to make thins easier, all doc going out will be sent from your home country. So what will happen here is that all docs going to the US will be sent fromt he US, all docs going to Canada, will be sent from Canada, All doces going to Australia or any other country will be sent from that country.

What this means is that any one getting snail mail, will get your docs from USPS in the US from the US, if from NZ, they will be sent from NZ, if from Sweden, then sent from Sweden etc.....

With the courier option, all form Hong Kong.

This will make it faster but sill needs to go via your home country customs and that is the issues that Hong Kong is working on.

This will take a little time and I have no idea how much time it will take but it will get done.

This is the final line of defenece people. We are here. We need to get though this final hurdle and we are there.

Now, for the Ex Fdtm members, once this is done, we will get the travel notice.

Yes, I did say over  and over March or April and even the past few days I keep on this but since the packages need to be sent at the same time that we are in HK, there is nothing that I can do about this.

Some of you will be upset or even angry and so be it.

We can not get out of stuff done without the packages safely sent out to the members here.

This is the reason I am texting the Ex Fdtn Members on this update and not on the Private channel so that everyone knows what is going on.

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