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Virtualsafebox Article - 73
Its kind a fun reading. Nothing solid just a lot of blablabla.

In an earlier post I told you about the GDPR. Hong Kong, Indonesia - the whole world are forced to follow the EU laws when it comes to GDPR.

If an american company register anything that can be connected to you as a human being, then they have to follow the regulations , like all data must be encrypted and safe, and upon request be returned, deleted or informed if you data has been shared, and if so, to who. This goes for electronic data as well as data on normal white paper.

In Mikes latest update he clearly state that your data is placed in an unknown bank, we know that all started with E65, so an unknown insurance company also have all your data, and last year when Mike wanted to send something out to unknown lawfiirms, then your data is stored in unkown amount of unknown lawfirms (who again can share your data with who ever). Also Mike Poulos handed all data over to the socalled team, who may have your data (hehe) at last Mike Poulos have all data (and the hackers), so there are many ways to claim that the GDPR is followed and that you have all the rights to know all info.

The fines EU operate with are in the area of +16 mill euros and up, or 4% of a company turn over, and again based on the latest update, then Mike will face fines in the area 200 mill euros - unless he share your data path with you as a EU citizen.

This is ONLY EU citizen that can demand to know.

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