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  And the latest
Posted by: scandoz - 19-08-2018, 05:49 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - No Replies

Hi Everyone, Off to HK tomorrow morning. Will be back later in the week and will update everyone when I get back.

FYI, just so everyone knows now, later next month I am taking a break with my wife and baby for a few weeks so Sept and Oct will not have much happen. This break will not be causing any delays but this is just to advise you...

More when  I get back later in the week.

If its Mikes last trip as stated per previous update,what does it matter if he takes a break ,and nothing will happen in Sep/ Oct,supposedly he would have nothing more to do
So many contradictions for so long
Just keep kicken that can down the road

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  Notice 76
Posted by: pablo8 - 10-08-2018, 01:03 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (1)

Virtualsafebox Article - 76
Aug 8, 2018
Hi Everyone,

I have been told to close every form on August 17th, 2018. From Aug 20th, I will be in HK taking care of my final duties.

From what I am told, this will be my last trip before processing.

If you have any thing you need to fill out on the forms, please make sure it is done before the 17th of August.

Note that this is +7 GMT time and will happen during the day time so in some parts of the world, it can be on the 16th.....

No exceptions will be made.

Thank you


For what its worth

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  New VSB Update 24 July
Posted by: CRAMER - 25-07-2018, 07:28 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (7)

There is a new update on the VSB site if anyone is interested.
There doesn't seem to be a lot of activity on this forum. Quite dull actually, At least the other forum had some chatter this one is as dead as a wet weekend. Huh

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  All comments in RED
Posted by: Paris - 10-07-2018, 02:37 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (3)

Virtualsafebox Article - 74
July 7th Update
Many asking...
Hi All, 

Many are asking about the Exclusive Foundation and the advantages. 

There are a lot of advantages since the foundations are quite different than the Individual and Family foundations by the way they are being set up. Just one single small profe would be nice, so basicly its still just blabla!

Just to be clear, there is nothing wrong with the Individual and Family foundations. 

Most of what you can have with the Exclusive foundation I can not mention in public. Yes you can as any foundation must be reported to the tax officer in your country!

However, I can say the following: 

You will be getting a return ticket to Hong Kong and Hotel provided. Yes AFTER you send Mike money that covers your ticket and hotel, and in return you MIGHT get a worthless foundation!

You will have a loaded debit card with a certain balance that will be disclosed if you get the foundation. Note the last 5 words in this sentence "if you get the foundation.".

Funding for the travel and hotel will be taken from the debit card and the balance will be yours to take home. Cool

There are several investment opportunities available that can not be given without this extra layer of protection offered with these foundations. There is not extra layer of protection!! In Eu many of the countries paid for "the panama papers, "the luxemborg papers" and so on - there is not a snowball chance in hell that Mike will be able to pay out billions of dollars without any tax system will know about it. In these days the rumor goes that Vietnam Dong and Indonesia Rupia will explode in value, and off course Santa will deliver in a green dress!

I can say that some of these include Building / Property Management Investments, Several different investments in Gold one of which will be announced tonight to the Exclusive Foundation Members. Take a lookat the AFG Exclusive Foundation - no secrets there, property, gold, all kind of investments. But why do you wnat to invest? You get millions of dollars soooon  Big Grin

Total and full banking access direct with banks including unlimited bank accounts connected to the foundations, debit cards connected to these accounts, secured credit cards debited from the accounts and home country banking. By home country banking, this means that the bank in Hong Kong has branches in most countries so you will be able to deal direct in your home country with the bank in Hong Kong without having to go there in future. Not a word about those countries that dont have HSBC private banking tools - just saying.

You also have full internet and mobile banking with this bank.

You must remember if you make transactions at home, you are not as protected as if you are in Hong Kong and this IS NOT a way to avoid taxes. You cant avoid taxes and Mike is in fact trying to make you do some that is not legal at all!! So IF there were money and IF you were avoiding taxes, and the tax office found out - then you wont be able to say that Mike said so. You will face huge fines and maybe even a visit in prison.

This pretty well explain most of what you will be getting and I hope that this answers all the questions you will have.

For anyone getting these foundations, there will be a 30 to 60 day notice for travel.

Upon confirmation of your getting the foundation, you will receive an email from me to confirm receipt and will be placed on an email list regarding any update about these foundations and investment opportunities and there are more coming.

For members that are not getting these foundations, there will be investment opportunities but they will be limited.

For anyone wanting to get a Exclusive foundation, either a new one or upgrade from the one you currently have, please go to:

https://goo.gl/bullshittt great Mike so damm secure to use a free tool that is lot more easy to hack than your computer. Data here isnt encryptes and every single letter in the GDPR is violated - just great Mike!

I am planning to get a call to go back to Hong Kong by the end of the month. Upon my return, all forms should be removed.

Any change of addresses can still be processed at:


Next update will be posted upon my retun.

Thank you


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Wink just some fun response to the socalled update
Posted by: Paris - 25-06-2018, 11:38 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (8)

Our dear Mike writes that his gold investment (as no-one has heard of before) has increased by 50 to 60%, and that's amazing, but looking at the evolution of gold prices over the last 20 years, the highest increase in 2007 is about 32 % and the highest decline was 27% in 2017, and since 2002 gold has risen by ca. 40% between 2004 to 2017, after all you have to buy at price A, and sell to price B, and the diff there is almost 40%, so at no time, and it is as in NO time, have there been a rise remotely close to the 50% and absolutely not at 60%. And that is the diff between 1999 and 2012, if you measure any other constellations the profit drops from 7,1 lowest to 39,9% highest.
The gold price in 1999 was $ 28 per gram, in 2004 it had risen to $ 43.6 per gram, and in 2012 where the gold price was at its highest level, the price is a purchase price in 1999 where the price is the lowest and the selling price in 2012 where the price is highest, at 39.9% and never has been near 50 to 60%.
20k for a foundation is a lot, but obviously depends on which services one wants to be affiliated, but just to get a little money out from an ATM or be able to redraw cash from an account, then open an account in the Barcley Bank of London HK branch where you can do just that, and it can be done for just under £ 100. I'm aware that you cannot get cash anonymously, but it's a feature that becomes more and impossible and Mike is not such a caliber that he can create anonymous accounts or foundations that pay millions to ordinary people like you and me and if you think I do not know what I'm talking about, then go down to your local bank and style the hypothetical question - can I redraw 500 usd anonymously from an anonymously account? I think you know the answer, and Mike should also know that it cannot be done, its ridiculous - even in HK.

I know I have used the GDPR sometimes now, and the reason is that Im certified in GDPR (Greneral Data Protection Regulations) and that gives all EU citizen ther right to know ALL about the data Mike hold. Where is the data, is encrypted, who have Mike send the data to? Banks, Insurance companies, lawfirms etc - all the places Mike ealier have informed you where your data has been shared.

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  Virtualsafebox Article - 73
Posted by: Paris - 21-06-2018, 06:23 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (5)

June 20th Update
Results from my last trip

Hi All, 

Just back from Hong Kong. 

Way back when, several years ago when I told you all that the funds were converted into gold to protect us all and then later converted to HKD, I have to say that I was very surprised this week with what happened. 

Well, to be honest I knew a while ago but can only dosclose now. 

Back then, gold was maybe $10 to $20 per gram. Today, it is just over $USD40 per gram. 

So, what has happened with all this extra money? 

Well, here is the good news. 

I am not sure as to when the gold was converted from gold to HKD but what I was told is that when it was converted, there was about a 50 to 60% profit from the time it was pruchased to the time it was converted. 

What this means for all of you is that a huge part of these profits will be passed on to you. 

I do not have an exact amount but I was told that you will all be getting 30% to 50% more than expected. 

The rest is used for paying people that are working to get this all done. 

So, as example, you are expecting $1 Million, you will be getting from $1.3 to $1.5 million. instead. Hope no one complains about this. 

On an other note to be fair to all the members, the last few times I was in Hong Kong (HK) most of the meetings were regarding the members with the Exclusive Foundations. 

A lot of this was to do with investments opportunities that can only be given to the Exclusive Foundation due to the extra layer of privacy offered mainly because of certain governments policies. 

I am not able to share this info execpt to the holders of these Foundations. 

I know that many of you will be angered by this but I feel that I should let everyone know that there are avantages beyond the banking etc... 

At any rate, once anyone has been processed and then chooses to get involved with these investments, will be able to get these foundations but it will be at regular price that will be over well USD$ 20,000 and only after getting the foundation will you be able to get access to these investment opportunities. 

There is also a partial payout fund being made available so that these members may travel to HK and back home. 

Some of you may not think it fair and I can appreciate that but it is the way it is. 

Now, for the main update. 

This trip was to arrange the banking for all the members with debit cards, regular foundations and also for the members that will be getting a cashier cheque. Before banks can send out signature cards, banks need to know who they are sending these too. This is also in part why your ID was needed. If your ID was not sent, then you have to wait till all this is done. 

How many cards issued to members, who gets the cheques, getting the foundations ready for the documents to go out in the packages. Getting the banking documents also ready for the packages etc...... 

Please understand that with the thousands of members still active, this will not be done in a few days or weeks. It will take a while to do. 

All other documents are done. Packages are already made and ready to go. 

(If you need a change of address, this will be the last time you can do this) 

As the banking docs are sent to the office in HK, they will be getting ready to ship. Once shipped, please do not delay in sending back signed and supported with any other info needed. 

I must also stress that members that have supplied the ID online a few months ago will be getting processed as soon as all docs are ready to go. 

Members that did not submit ID will be getting an other set of documents needed to send back with proof of ID before any banking can be arranged. 

Please do not request to submit your ID as it is not possible at this time. 

In the mean time, if you wish to refresh yourself with the past updates, please feel free to do so. 

Forms for the following are still open: 

Change of address: 


Exclusive Foundation 


Members with Exclusive foundations will be invited to HK to process the documents in person. All expenses will be paid for as explained on the email updates to the Exclusive Foundation Members and as above. 

On my next trip, all forms will be closed and no more change of address will be accepted. 

Since March, 2018 when the change of address was created only 214 members have made a change so this is good and we do not expect too many more to change, 

I will not be expecting to make an other trip for a while for regular program business as the banking needs to be done first. 

However, Exclusive Foundations will be processed faster as they will do all the docs needed in HK. 

There have been banking trips in the past but this was the final trip regarding the account and signature cards etc... 

On a few other notes, several members are asking how much they have coming. The best way for you to get a rough estimate is to go to your back office and caculate the amount of members in your downline. 

Other members have been asking to speed this up as they need the money for what ever reason. As I can appreaciate that WE ALL need the money, things can not go faster than they are. Sorry.... 

In closing, please remember that all is being done to get this done as best as it can be. 

Once there is more news, I will be happy to share. 

Thank you, 


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Posted by: Paris - 21-06-2018, 06:22 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - No Replies

GDPR or Generel Data Protection regulation

This is words all in EU have heard a lot the last 6 month or so. Early this year I got certificated in GDPR, and want to tell that all living in EU, can contact Mike Poulos and demand to see what data he have registred, and to whom he may have shared these information.

This means that you, and with the law in your hand, can demand that Mike inform you in writting, who the bank is, who the insurance company is/was, what lawfirms and so on.

If Mike by all means refuse to handle over these data, then report him to your local Data Protection Agency. Fines starts with millions of Euros if he dont comply, as the GDPR covers the hole world. Also it covers data on regular paper, so Mike Poulos do NOT have one single excuse what so ever.

So if you want to know for sure - then ask for your data.

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Thumbs Up Forum Up is way too unstable
Posted by: Paris - 21-06-2018, 06:04 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (3)

Dear all

Unfortunately, you need to register to write in this forum.

Forumup has unfortunately proved to be extremely unstable, so therefor this option.

I do not plan to spend too much time on maintenance, so behave well.

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