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Big Grin Positive new Update !!!
Posted by: fisher - 12-07-2022, 11:39 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (47)

Mike just posted a positive Update: Things are moving forward!!
I know at least 2 persons who don't like the positive news. You all know whom I'm talking about. Smile

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  MIKE'S new update June 2022
Posted by: vsbvictim - 07-06-2022, 02:22 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (54)

I have a leaked draft of MIKE's next June 2022 update :

- No email from lawfirm, because :
- All funds are frozen by the U.S.A. government and an investigation will start. No idea how long it takes
- MIKE will have to stay in Canada, no idea how long
- All gold seized
- MIKE is doing another GoFundMe, link below

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  Liars are liars
Posted by: Bogor - 04-06-2022, 05:08 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - No Replies

Tell a lie once it might be a mistake, do it twice and you are liar.

Martin there is NO different between you, Jeff and Mike as you do not come clean. Instead of saying I Martin will take over, then you come up with bull shit like you are the silent Mr. Nice Guy, but you are nothing but a fucking double tongue liar!!

I have NO respect for liars Martin, so that includes YOU!! And no you are NOT welcome to visit ME in Denmark.

Delete this post I give a shit, it just shows that you are a coward who does not dare to stand by his actions. Shame on you.

ANd to those who think that silence will make you rich because of Mike - my goodness how brain dead one can be before one should be locked up inside a madhouse?


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  Shameful e65 "update" on May 16, 2022
Posted by: american-e65-scammed - 02-06-2022, 05:14 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (4)

Once again, SCAMMER MIKE POULOS is playing with us....
As always, complete lack of precission in the latest "update"...

As SCAMER MIKE POULOS collected funds as "donations"  Big Grin now he can rest for a little while...

E65 members Update May 16, 2022

Hi All,

A lot is happening

I know that most of you are not aware of the Bullion clients or the E65 FDTN members

Both these groups ared going to be done ahead of the rest of you here.

Once both these groups have been processed, the lawyers will be processing all of you here.

There are no dates yet but it is for sure going to be several months before theya have finished with the Bullion clients and then the E65 FDTN members.

Once there is more news, I will update this group.

Thank you.


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  Why this forum?
Posted by: Swedia - 05-05-2022, 11:35 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (6)

Garlin made the forum alive, why paris now so dead, really no news?

Cindy is informed that she must take care of her self and the baby, too bad no next of kind so sad

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  Colleting funds to Cindy Poulos
Posted by: Swedia - 26-04-2022, 04:54 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (5)

Is this just another dead forum?

Mike has become a grandfather, it is known for sure, however, no one really knows where Mike is, but he is not in Jakarta / Bogor, so maybe it's true that the bandit is in Canada.

Cindy Poulos became the mother of a little daughter 2 days ago and she does not have much to do well with because the amazing businessman Mike Poulos can not support his own daughter, nice really nice mr. Poulos.

Now comes the $ 1,000 question.

Will it be an opportunity to make a small collection here in this forum, as where collected money is sent to Cindy´'s mother (Mike Poulo's ex-wife) who will then again buy something delicious for the new little babygirl and the new mother.

I personally know Cindy's mother and can say 100% good to her, in fact she is the opposite of Mike Poulos, she is credible.

If there is a connection to this, I will probably need help setting up an account where money can be raised.

What do members here in the forum say? Yes or No?

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  New domain owner and admin
Posted by: Paris - 01-03-2022, 05:30 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (18)

Dear all

Please welcome PARIS

He is the new domain owner and admin and as of today, I will be out of here.

I wish you a great time, a bit sad to see that a few still want to waste precious time of their life on Mike Poulos and his partner in crime Jeff.

I'm the one who always had told the truth, and it was a simple thing to do, as I don't gain anything from this forum since day one, and the forum before that.

No more Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and for sure no one will ever see a dime coming from Mike, so even Jeffy says Mike is doing this and that, then none will see a cent, and Jeffy knows that!!

Once again welcome Paris and be nice to him  Cool

Best regards Bogor

PS. RK_E65 sorry to delete your post, but I think it is fairer to let Paris continue this forum as there are tons of data, not only here in the forum, but also here http://mikepoulosscams.com/MP_Scam/mike_poulos_scam.htm

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Exclamation Thanks to MezzaB for making it easy
Posted by: Paris - 27-02-2022, 08:55 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - No Replies

Hej jorgen

Vi har modtaget dit ønske om ikke at gentegne 

Dit webhotel vil blive slettet på udløbsdatoen. Husk at tage backup af alle de data du vil beholde inden 17.04.22.

Tak fordi du har brugt vores tjenester. Hvis du har spørgsmål, kan du kontakte vores chat-support døgnet rundt på one.com/contact eller sende os en mail på: support@dk.one.com

Kontakt venligst vores support ved at besvare denne mail hvis du har spørgsmål. Vi beklager, at du har valgt at opsige dit webhotel for domænet mikepoulosscams.com. Vi håber, at du har været tilfreds med at være kunde hos os, og at vi får lejlighed til at byde dig velkommen som kunde igen på et senere tidspunkt.

Med venlig hilsen

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Exclamation the beginning of the end 2
Posted by: Paris - 24-02-2022, 11:57 AM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (8)

Just a reminder that on Monday 1st of March 2022 will One.com be notified regards the termination of the domain mikepoulosscams.com 
and hereafter the domain will die on April 18th. 2022.

So I suggest that among the 115 registered members are one who want to take over the domain and forum.

I simply don't have time, not to mention that I don't want to waste any more time on the little Canadian thief!

You can type all you want how important and whatnot, but it will not change a bit.

Send a Private Message if you want to let this E65 joke continue.

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  E65 records update email
Posted by: AnotherFuckedMember - 20-02-2022, 12:49 PM - Forum: Mike Poulos E65/+20K/VSB scam - Replies (12)

Just received the following email.

From: MIke E65 Info cs@e-65.info
Date: Sun, Feb 20, 2022 at 6:14 AM
Subject: Feb 20, 2022 Update

To All E65 Members


It’s time to reconnect and update your records so that when ready, we
can send out specific instructions to conclude this deal.

Please go to the Google update page (Link Below) and enter in your
original E65 ID # along with some verification and current data so we
can check against our records that you are an E65 member. We expect
infiltrators and can deal with this.

Before you venture to the forms can we be clear on some critical
information we need from you. The type of Membership is very important
for our records.

A regular member is one who never purchased a Foundation.

An Individual and Family member purchased the basic foundation.

An Exclusive Member paid for an upgrade to achieve further benefits.

A Nominated Member was introduced by an Exclusive Member.

As you can image, we will have a lot of inactive emails on file, so you
can help by forwarding this email to other members that you know were
involved with E65. It is not for general publication nor is it to appear
on forums. Please.

Here is the Link to Google forms for updating your records.:


Further instructions will follow.

Thank you

Mike & the E65 Admin Team


Please DO NOT reply to this email as it is not 
monitored and you will not receive a reply.


MIke E65 Info
Jl. Fatmawati No.72, RT.2/RW.7,, Gandaria Utara, Kby. Baru, Jakarta Selatan, 12140

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